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Alder Lisa  Subeck
Lisa Subeck,
District 1
Alder Ledell Zellers
Ledell Zellers,
District 2
Alder Lauren Cnare
Lauren Cnare,
District 3
Alder Michael E. Verveer
Michael E. Verveer,
District 4
Alder Shiva Bidar-Sielaff
Shiva Bidar-Sielaff,
District 5
Alder Marsha A. Rummel
Marsha A. Rummel,
District 6
Alder Steve King
Steve King,
District 7
Alder Scott J. Resnick
Scott J. Resnick,
District 8
Alder Paul E. Skidmore
Paul E. Skidmore,
District 9
Alder Maurice S. Cheeks
Maurice S. Cheeks,
District 10
Alder Chris Schmidt
Chris Schmidt,
District 11,
Council President
Alder Larry Palm
Larry Palm,
District 12
Alder Lucas Dailey
Lucas Dailey,
District 13
Alder John Strasser
John Strasser,
District 14
Alder David Ahrens
David Ahrens,
District 15
Alder Denise DeMarb
Denise DeMarb,
District 16,
Council President Pro Tem
Alder Joseph R. Clausius
Joseph R. Clausius,
District 17
Alder Anita Weier
Anita Weier,
District 18
Alder Mark Clear
Mark Clear,
District 19
Alder Matthew J. Phair
Matthew J. Phair,
District 20

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