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This survey is a key component in the Madison Cultural Planning process.

The Artist and Creative Worker survey has been designed for all artists and creative workers. We consider anyone who innovates in the sciences, works in history, designs, publishes, digitally produces, produces artisan foods or beverages, or is engaged in the design, architecture, or communication fields to be creative workers.

If your work is based on creative content whatever the field, we consider you a creative worker and invite you to respond.

We invite responses from professionals, amateurs, and students in creative fields.

The survey gathers critical information that will be used in the plan for several purposes:

  1. To document the range of Madison's artists creative workers and to create an electronic data base of those individuals.
  2. To learn about the demographics of the community of artists and creative workers and to understand the distribution of workers over disciplines and professions.
  3. To understand the structure of artists' and creative workers' livelihoods in terms of how work and earning is organized, satisfaction with levels of earning, protection of work under intellectual property laws, and insurance status.
  4. To determine how these artists and workers are distributed geographically in our community both to understand where natural creative districts are growing and to detect under-served neighborhoods. The survey looks at both where creative work is produced and where community-based programs are being offered.
  5. To learn about artists and creative workers access to and satisfaction with a variety of kinds of resources.
  6. To discover how artists and creative workers are marketing their work, and which efforts are most successful.
  7. To understand Madison's response to and use of its artists and creative workers in community affairs.
  8. To gather opinions about key opportunities and challenges in the field and to give responding artists and creative workers a chance to make specific suggestions that would advance their work.

Out of respect for your time, no extraneous questions are included in this survey. We hope this page helps you understand why we are asking the questions included.

Your responses are CONFIDENTIAL and will be reported only in the aggregate. You will be given the option of having basic contact information you provide (and NOT other answers you give) included in a public data base. We hope that data base will eventually guide interested partners and residents your way.

Thanks for joining in this planning process. Your responses will help the planning team identify needed steps for supporting creative workers and artists in their work.

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