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This survey is a key component in the Madison Cultural Planning process.

It has been designed to help the planning team understand what the residents of Madison want in terms of arts, cultural, and creative experiences and resources. It includes questions about adult consumers and, for those with children, their children.

We invite responses from anyone living or utilizing arts, cultural, or creative resources in Madison.

The survey gathers important information that will be used in the plan for several purposes:

The survey gathers critical information that will be used in the plan for several purposes:

  1. To document the range of residents' preferences for kinds of creative activities, their preferred schedules for attending creative activities, and the availability of resources in each neighborhood.
  2. To learn about any barriers that may prevent residents from participating.
  3. To gather consumer opinions about quality, diversity, and accessibility of arts, cultural, and creative activities.

Out of respect for your time, no unnecessary questions are included in this survey. We hope this page helps you understand why we are asking the questions included.

Your responses are CONFIDENTIAL and will be reported only in the aggregate (grouped together, without specific identifying information).

Thanks for joining in this planning process. Your responses will help the planning team identify needed steps for developing programs that residents want and for making the distribution of opportunities fair.

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