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Members of the General Public
Members of the general public are invited to complete the Consumer Survey. This survey collects important information that helps the planning team know about resident’s preferences for arts and cultural participation. The survey also helps us learn which of Madison’s neighborhoods are well-served and which may lack resources. Learn more about the Consumer Survey. Urge your friends and neighbors to complete the survey, too.

Artists and Creative Workers
Artists and all Madisonians whose work is based on creative content, whether in the broadly defined arts, sciences, or history are invited to complete the Artists and Creative Workers Survey. This includes those who administer, support, create, market, or teach creative content. This survey is critical to the plan’s understanding of the range, location, needs, and preferences of artists and creative workers. If you regard your work as creative, there is a place for you in this survey. Learn more about the Artists and Creative Workers Survey and urge your peers to do the same. It’s fun, and it raises some interesting questions.

Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Institutions
Madison-based nonprofit arts and cultural institutions are urged to complete the Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Institutions Survey. This survey is a central tool in the planning teams’ ability to understand the status and needs of these organizations. From museums to performing and producing organizations to zoos and botanical gardens, from environmental and food systems programs to planetariums and art guilds, from public radio and television to cultural festivals…we need to hear from you. Learn more about the Nonprofit Arts and Cultural Institutions Survey, and urge your peers to do the same. It is critical that we hear from you.


Any interested person in Madison can host a discussion group and report the discussion outcome to the planning team. A complete Toolkit, with three options for meeting styles and all the support materials needed to conduct and report the meeting is available on this website. While discussion group hosts can pick a discussion question of interest, the Toolkit provides suggested discussion topics for various groups.

You could host a discussion group at your place of work, your PTO or civic organization, among friends, with a groups of people who share a discipline or field of practice, in school classrooms-really anywhere people come together. Any group of people who wish to contribute are encouraged to do so. Learn more about the Toolkit, and urge others to do the same. It’s a great way to bring more voices to the plan.


The Madison Cultural Plan Steering Committee meets regularly to help guide the planning process. Their meetings are, of course, open to the public. You can see a schedule of their meetings.

As the plan progresses, roundtables and focus will begin being scheduled. These meetings are also open to the public. To keep abreast of these meetings, sign up for the City of Madison My Account feature and choose the cultural planning topics that interest you.

You can also check this website’s section called Meeting Schedule regularly.
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