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This survey is a key component in the Madison Cultural Planning process.

This survey has been designed for all arts, science, and history organizations and any others concerned with innovation. For example, we hope to hear from nonprofit museums of all kinds, performing arts companies and venues, public gardens and arboretums, zoos, culinary and artisan food and beverage groups, and so on.

The planning team is grateful for the time of each organization that replies. The survey gathers critical information that will be used in the plan for several purposes:

  1. To document the range of Madison's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations and to create an electronic data base of those organizations.
  2. To learn about the mission and activities of these organizations.
  3. To determine how these organizations are distributed geographically in our community both to understand where natural cultural districts are growing and to detect under-served neighborhoods. The survey looks at both organizationally owned or leased facilities and facilities where community-based programs are being offered.
  4. To understand the impact of the current economic crisis on arts and cultural organizations, in financial, human, and programmatic terms. This survey looks at sources of earned and unearned income in the recent past, now, and as anticipated in the future. That information helps the planning team understand both the real experience and the expectations of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations for support.
  5. To learn which sectors of the business and social community are represented on arts and cultural boards and which are not. That information helps guide plans to diversify and strengthen leadership recruitment and development strategies.
  6. To understand more about how Madison's nonprofit arts and cultural organizations market their work, and which approaches are used for which purposes.
  7. To gather opinions about key opportunities and challenges in the field and to give responding organizations a chance to make specific suggestions that would advance their work. We acknowledge that completing this survey will take some time. Out of respect for your time, no extraneous questions are included.

We hope this page helps you understand why we are asking the questions included.

Your responses are CONFIDENTIAL and will be reported only in the aggregate. You will be given the option of having basic contact information you provide (and NOT other answers you give) included in a public data base. We hope that data base will eventually guide interested partners and residents your way.

Thanks for joining in this work. We need to hear from all of Madison's Nonprofit Arts and Cultural organization, young and old, large and small.

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