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BLINK Temporary Public Art Opportunities

Artists: Aristotle Georgiades and Gail Simpson of Actual Size Artworks

Aristotle Georgiades and Gail Simpson have been collaborating on public art since 1992. While many of their pieces have been permanent installations they sought to use a BLINK Grant to create a temporary installation. They created a freestanding sculpture in the South Park Street neighborhood called Afterimage. They used this project as an opportunity to explore the ways that public art can be integrated into a specific community. Afterimage portrays the evolving landscape of the Midwest from family owned farms to corporate farms and urban development. Between 1997 and 2002 the number of farms in Dane County dropped by 292. Those 292 farms accounted for over 44,000 acres of farm land in the area. Additionally, Georgiades and Simpson hoped that the temporary art installation would help residents of the community to “overcome the apprehension many people feel about contemporary art by generating a connection between artist and audience.”