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The MAC grants program currently offers four programs: ArtWORKS!, Project, Summer Concert and BLINK. Artworks grants provide support to artists and educators for art programs directed at k-12 students. Project Grants provide support to individual and performing artists and non-profit groups for projects that enrich the arts and culture of Madison. Summer Concert Series grants provide support to organizations that coordinate a series of concerts that are free and accessible to the public. BLINK provides funding for temporary public art projects.

Providing ACCESS to the ARTS for all takes careful thought and planning. Consider these helpful tips from Madison's Disability Rights and Services Specialist as you plan your projects.

Image: Take a Break
Hongtao Zhou's Blink Project Take a Break (2012)
Image: Meadowood Mosaic Pillar Project
Artist Marcia Yapp working on the Meadowood Mosaic Pillar Project on Russet Road (2013)