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In March 2013 the City of Madison began a study to assess Madison's performing arts environment, including a review of the performing arts community, facilities, existing and potential audiences and funding scenarios. Webb Management Services and WolfBrown, the consulting team hired to conduct the study, have spent many months working with a steering committee to interview and survey a range of constituents, including artists and arts managers, political and business leaders, educators and other community members. The purpose of their research is to collect information that will enable us to understand the current state of the performing arts and suggest the facilities, infrastructure and partnerships required to effectively attract, engage and serve Madison and regional residents. They presented a draft of their findings report to the Steering Committee on September 30, 2013.

Performing Arts Organizations, explore the dashboard tool and gain valuable insights for audience development and marketing.


The Consultants have also developed a special dashboard tool designed specifically for arts groups. The dashboard tool helps to organize and present data in a legible, easy to understand, and highly interactive interface, with multiple options for analysis through filters, search functions, and charting features. The dashboard tool helps arts groups to engage in a robust learning process around survey results.

Dashboard Demonstration/Data Review:

  • Wednesday, October 23 at 6:00 PM CST

Participation in the webinar is free and open to the public, but requires advance registration:


We all know that patterns of demand for cultural experiences are changing, but what does this mean for arts organizations in Madison? We invited Duncan Webb and Alan Brown, two of the consultants who are developing the Madison Performing Arts Study, to give an all-day workshop on Thursday, March 14, 2013 from 10 am-5 pm, it was followed by a keynote in the early evening. The day-long seminar focused on trends in arts engagement and their implications for the Madison arts community. Alan Brown, a leading arts researcher and consultant, shared his views on the changing cultural climate, changing patterns of consumer behavior and how the cultural sector can respond to shifting patterns of cultural engagement. Duncan Webb, lead consultant on the City of Madison's 2013 performing arts study and a national expert on cultural facilities, discussed trends in physical spaces for arts presenting and producing. In the afternoon, focus turned to strategies for building demand for arts programs. Following a brief overview of approaches to demand-building, participants worked in small groups to discuss key strategies for building demand, and generate preliminary ideas to inform the consultants' work on the performing arts study. To conclude the day, Alan presented a keynote speech, "Beyond Excellence: Fulfilling the Promise of Civic Creative Vitality," delving into what makes arts organizations and communities artistically vibrant.