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John Tuschen

John Tuschen, born in Chicago in 1949, was appointed Madison's first Poet Laureate by Mayor Paul Soglin in 1977. John Tuschen served as Poet Laureate until 2000. Though he died on August 12, 2005, he will always be well remembered for his contributions to establishing a vibrant arts and cultural scene in Madison. He was the assistant gallery manager at Gallery 853, organized poetry readings, published people poems, performed in a variety of venues, and is credited by some for "bringing beat era performance poetry to Madison in unfamiliar venues."

Please visit the website below for a complete biography and additional poems:

Angela's Cello

In that bungalow
behind the heart
where various notes
and notables
meet -
there is this music
pouring thru
the veins
to the streets.

With intensity
admired by the bloodied,
desired by
those she meets
and by
a ghost of notes
long forgotten
but emerging now
from bed
time or music
sheets -
from the bed
of chaos to dreams
complete . . .

Image: John Tuschen

John Tuschen

Image: Angela's Cello

Photographer: Brent Nicastro