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Put your advertising message where people will see it – on a Metro Transit bus! Transit ads are high-impact rolling billboards that put your product or service all over town.

Whatever your budget, Metro can help you put together an advertising program to showcase your products/services.

Transit advertising programs cut through the clutter—literally setting your brand in motion as no other medium can.

Call today to schedule a free marketing consultation and find out if transit advertising is right for your business. 

  Contact: Peg Anthony
(608) 267-8771



State Farm Ad "Transit advertising provides the ability to have a "moving billboard" that carries the State Farm brand throughout the city. Unlike a standard billboard that’s just in one location, this allows my message to reach potential customers throughout Metro’s service area. I have people calling, texting and sending me messages on Facebook that they saw my ad on the Metro bus, so it’s created a ton of “buzz.” In addition, working with Peg Anthony has made the entire process easy; I didn’t have to worry about anything; she took care of all the details.

Overall, transit advertising has been a great avenue for my business; I even have people congratulate me (yes you read that right) for having my photo on the back of the bus! This is about my third year of advertising with Metro Transit, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon!"

Adam Prell, Agent Owner

Adam Prell State Farm Insurance Agency


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"I have used Transit over the years and am a believer in the medium for a few reasons: frequency, visibility in areas where traditional Outdoor cannot reach people, and the care that's taken to keep the vinyl (bus ads) in good condition.

The new campaign for First Choice Dental has been an especially good experience. I sought out Transit to assist in finding a delivery channel to reach people that lived and worked downtown. My goal was to deliver prospective patients to the two near-downtown locations, one on Park Street and the other on Regent Street. Transit seemed like a good solution. The bus advertising is tightly integrated with the Outdoor billboard and magazine creative. However, with the bus advertising, only the downtown dental offices were listed in the creative. Business is up at both locations and I am confident that the visibility I achieved using Transit is making the difference. In addition, I appreciate Peg’s expertise and attention to detail. Overall, I’ve been delighted with Metro Transit advertising."

Jt Covelli
Jt Covelli Marketing & Media Resources, Inc.


"The Metro Transit tail ads were the perfect addition to our radio campaign.  The two mediums complimented one another very well; our target market would hear the ads on the radio and then see the bus  ads while they were driving which served as a reminder to take action and contact us.  It was a great way to build frequency and recall. 

In addition, the transit ad campaign offered excellent visibility at rates that were affordable which was important for our agency given our small advertising budget.  Metro Transit was also great to work with and took our concept and turned it into a visual that exactly captured the messaging we wanted to portray."

Renee Callaway

Transportation Planner/Rideshare, Etc Coordinator

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