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Transit Tracker

Real-time arrival estimates and bus locator map information for every stop. View text-based arrival time information or track actual bus location on Google Maps or Virtual Earth.

On Your Mobile:

Stop Tracker (Using Dropdown Menus)

Stop Tracker (Using Accessible Text)
Recommended for mobile devices or web
accessibility tools.

Map Tracker (Using Google Maps) Recommended for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape Navigator.

Map Tracker (Using Virtual Earth) Recommended for Internet Explorer, Safari.


Arrival Times

Arrival times are an evolving estimate based on the current schedule status of a bus at its current location, plus the amount of time the bus is scheduled to need to travel from its current location to the bus stop being estimated (actual travel time may vary due to traffic conditions and weather).

Late Buses

Buses estimated to be running late at a stop further along their route may get back on schedule by the time they reach that stop - it is recommended to refresh browsers as arrival times near.

Be at Stop 5 Minutes Ahead of Time

Buses only wait at time point bus stops when running earlier than scheduled times.

Buses may pass intermediate stops ahead of any estimated information - passengers are encouraged to be at bus stop five minutes before estimated information.

Severe Weather/Special Events

During special events or severe weather, buses running late may be rescheduled or replaced with extra vehicles.

Detours/Stop Closures

Service detours and stop closures are not reflected. Go to detours for complete information.
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