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Sun Prairie Shuttle Service

The City of Sun Prairie and Union Cab operate a shuttle service from three locations in Sun Prairie to the East Towne Mall in Madison. The three locations include Dorn Hardware, Copps East and Walmart.

There are no transfer points between the two locations and all Metro fares apply for bus rides. Call (608) 837-5550 for more information.


Sun Prairie to East Towne   Trip 1   Trip 2   Trip 3   Trip 4
Departs Copps East   6:30 AM   8:30 PM   11:30 AM   4:30 PM
Departs Dorn Hardware   6:40 AM   8:40 PM   11:45 AM   4:40 PM
Departs Walmart   6:50 AM   8:50 PM   11:55 AM   4:50 PM
Arrives East Towne   7:10 AM   9:15 AM   12:15 PM   5:15 PM
East Towne to Sun Prairie                
Departs East Towne              
  9:30 AM   12:30 PM   5:30 PM
Arrives Walmart   9:55 AM   12:50 PM   5:55 PM
Arrives Dorn Hardware   10:05 AM   1:00 PM   6:05 PM
Arrives Copps East   10:15 AM   1:15 PM   6:55 PM

The East Towne location shares space with the metro shelter directly in front of the main entrance.

riding metro within madison service area

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  • East Towne is served by: Metro Routes 6, 20, 26, 30, and 36.
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