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Community Events In Madison Parks
Conditions for Operating a Beer Garden, having Beer/Alcohol Sales at a Park Event
The Event Organizer must obtain:
  1. Beer / Alcohol Sales Permit Application

  2. Temporary Class “B” Retailers License:

    To obtain this license, you must fill out an application from the City Clerk’s Office, 210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Rm. 103

  3. Certificate of Insurance

  4. Abide by all of the following regulations.

    • Each sponsoring organization shall have its beer garden area specifically delineated by a fence for selling, serving and consumption of beer. The fence shall completely enclose the area except for space for ingress and egress. An adult member of the sponsoring organization or a security guard will check the identification of all persons entering the beer garden area.

    • The enclosing fence shall be two four-foot-high fences placed at least seventy-two (72) inches apart. The fence shall be snowfencing or an equally impenetrable material.

    • One or more security guards shall be on duty at all times during the operation of the area to prevent entry of minors or intoxicated people into the area and to prevent beer from being carried out or passed out of the area.

    • The Police Department is authorized to require additional security based on past experience or special concerns about the event.

    • The organization shall prevent patrons from obstructing sidewalks and roadways adjacent to its area.

    • Toilet Facilities: At least one portable toilet for men, one for women, and one handicapped-accessible unit shall be provided at each location.


    • Each organization shall provide a reasonable number of signs indicating that drinking alcoholic beverages is prohibited on city streets and public ways, and that City Ordinances prohibit carrying out open containers containing alcohol from designated areas.

    • No person under the age of twenty-one shall participate in serving or delivering beer to patrons.

    • All permits and outdoor sales of beer shall expire at such times as designated by the Park Superintendent, and shall never extend beyond 9:30 p.m.

    • At least one licensed bartender shall be present at each outdoor area during all times of operation.

    • Any live, amplified, or recorded music shall require approval by the Parks Superintendent or Police Department including the obtaining of all required permits.

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