Community Events on State Street and the Capitol Square

State Street and Capitol Square Special Event

Are you organizing or planning a run/walk, fundraiser, community event or philanthropic event to take place on State Street and/or the Capitol Square?

Events which plan to utilize the sidewalk, parking lanes or streets of the Capitol Square or State Street must apply for a Street Use Permit.

There are a few important pieces of information for event planners to consider while planning an event on State Street or around the Capitol Square.

Things to know:

  • Use of the Capitol Square requires a $3,000 cash or surety bond deposit along with the non-refundable application fee of $100. This is to guarantee payment of City equipment and services that may be required by the event.
  • Use of the Capitol Square or State Street for an event will likely disrupt many Madison Metro routes. There is a $100 charge per route disrupted.

Capitol Square Street Closure and Parking Requests:

  • Capitol Square Street closure for an event must be done by Traffic Engineering staff or with an approved contractor.  If Traffic Engineering staff closes the Square, the fee will be approximately $1500. 
  • If an event requires parking meters to be bagged, event organizers are responsible for picking up, placing and removing the meter bags.  Fees are $2.00/ meter hood + a daily meter revenue fee.

Capitol Grounds

If event activities such as speeches, music, etc. are planned for Capitol grounds, you must contact the Capitol Police at 266-7840 and request a State Facility Use Permit.

Capitol Square Street Vendor displacement: An event sponsor requesting the right to sell food and/or merchandise in the State Street Mall/Concourse district and further requesting the authority to select the vendors to participate in their event must receive exclusive use privileges. Granting this right and providing this authority for an event requires the adoption of two separate resolutions by the Madison Common Council. The resolution process is detailed in the MGO 9.13(6)(k) and requires at least eight weeks to insure proper notification. Event Applications requesting resolutions must be submitted 60 days before the event date. A $50 per block fee will be charged to the Event Organizer for exclusive use privileges.