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Image: Fire Station #12

Fire Station #12

Fire Station #12 has a number of green elements incorporated into the site and building.  For the site these elements include:
  • Pervious concrete & on-site stormwater detention area to reduce stress on municipal storm water system.
  • Maintain high percentage of open green space for on-site storm water infiltration.
  • Planting draught tolerant native species means no potable water will be used for landscape irrigation.
  • Rainwater will be harvested and used in the landscape irrigation.

For the building these elements include:

  • A white standing-seam metal roof will reflect the suns energy and help maintain a cooler ambient temperature around the fire station.
  • A green (or vegetated) roof will aid in maintaining cooler ambient temperatures, filter and store rainwater, increase roof life-expectancy, and aid in roof insulation.
  • Solar water heating panels will be used to heat the water used by the fire fighters.
  • Natural daylight will be abundant in proper locations.  Exterior sunshades and tinted glazing will be used to control excess heat gain.
  • Spray foam insulation to increase insulation (R-value), and more importantly create a sealed building envelope.
  • Geo-thermal heating system that uses the ground to heat and cool the building
  • Deliver & monitor an increased amount of outside air.
  • High efficiency plumbing fixtures to reduce water use by 40% such as low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, and dual-flush toilets.
  • Low or no VOC-emitting building materials and finishes.
  • All building materials to have highest recycled content available and come from regional producers.
  • Recycle over 75% of the construction waste generated on site.