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Image: New Recycling and Trash System

New Recycling and Trash System

Currently the City of Madison has approximately 67,000 customers that use the new recycling and trash system.  From January 2007 through September 15th the City’s refuse totals were 1,076.32 tons less than the same period the prior year, which also resulted in reducing the City’s tipping fee by $28,834.68.  Over the same time period, recycling for the city is up 546.6 tons.  This represents a 35% increase in recycling.  The City’s net recycling revenue is averaging $23.05 per ton, which is up from the 2006 average of $15.82.

Before the City converted to the new recycling and trash system, the City’s old fleet was 44 trucks.  Today we only have 40 trucks.  In addition, the old system used 32 trucks daily and the new system only uses 28 trucks daily, so not only do we have less trucks in the fleet, fewer trucks need to be on the street under the new system.