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Image: Rodder

Engineering Rodder

The City Engineering Division has converted one sewer “rodder” to use 100% bio diesel.  The City will collect data on the impacts this fuel will have on the equipment.  However, the Engineering Division, who is responsible for sewer backups, recognized that waste oil entering the sewer system from restaurants and homes contributes to sewer backups in Madison.  If a strong market for bio diesel can be created from waste vegetable oil that will mean generators can be paid for their waste rather than pay to have it hauled away. 

This will provide an incentive for restaurants to properly dispose of their oil rather than put it in the drain.  In addition, by increasing the use of waste vegetable oil as a fuel, the City will be directly reducing the fossil fuels needed to power the City’s fleet.  Petroleum diesel fuel emits many particulates that cause air pollution, which can then also pollute our waterways.  By cutting back on volume of petroleum diesel the City decreases these pollutants.