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Winner - Best Tasting Water in Wisconsin, 2013 WWA State Fair competition

Message from the General Manager

“We are entrusted by the people of Madison to supply high quality water for consumption and fire protection, at a reasonable cost, while conserving and protecting our ground water resources for present and future generations.” Our mission statement captures the essence of what we do and why we do it. But perhaps the most important word is “entrusted,” as we do indeed take very seriously your trust in us to provide clean and plentiful water, life’s most precious resource.

Madison and Dane County are blessed with an abundant supply of ground water from a deep aquifer. If we properly manage, conserve, and protect this critically important resource, we can assure a supply of clean and plentiful water far into the future.
Tom Heikkinen, general manager

While we are fortunate not to have the water supply shortages that many parts of the country experience, nor the expensive challenge of treating surface water, we do share the same concerns about protecting source water and renewing aging infrastructure. The vast majority of our infrastructure consists of the over 800 miles of buried pipes that transmit and distribute water to your homes and businesses. Since the average life of a water main is 100 years, we must replace about 1% or 8 miles per year. At a cost of nearly $1,000,000 a mile, it adds up fast. While we must increase water rates to pay for all of this, the good news is the cost of water in Madison is well below state and national averages, and will remain so.

I am proud of our workforce here at the Madison Water Utility. They are hard working, reliable, and deeply committed public servants dedicated to providing the highest quality water to the people of Madison. And we are all honored to have your trust.
Tom Heikkinen