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This project consists of a paved multi-use (bicycle / pedestrian) path that will extend the Ice Age Junction Trial northwest from McKee Road at High Point Road to Raymond Road. This is part of a larger concept to create a major north-south bike path extending from Verona to north of Mineral Point Road, roughly paralleling CTH M. Note that this is intended to be a paved, multi-use path, not to be confused with the Ice Age Trail (IAT) walking path which also shares this general corridor. 

In 2010 Dane County Parks (in cooperation with City of Madison) completed the Ice Age Junction Trail from Verona Road to McKee Road at High Point Road, including a new signalized pedestrian crossing of McKee. The current project would utilize the existing crosswalk and wide sidewalk which continues west of the intersection to the IAT on Dane County Parks property. From there a new, asphalt path would extend west about 600 feet in easement adjacent to Dane County parkland and then north approximately 2600 feet to Raymond Road, along the east side of property owned by Meriter Hospital. Meriter will construct a portion of the path and provide an easement for the path through their property. The City of Madison will complete the path. 

Future plans include a bike and pedestrian overpass of McKee Road approximately 1000 feet west of High Point Road. This improvement would eliminate the at-grade crossing and sidewalk portion of the route. However, this work is contingent on a future project to widen and reconstruct McKee Road which is not programmed or funded at this time.

View the Ice Age Junction Trail map.

The total length of the project is approximately 0.8 miles including 3200 feet of new path and 700 feet of existing sidewalk.

Construction was completed in two phases. The first phase was constructed by Meriter Hospital under a private contract, and began in April of 2012. The second phase was a public work contract by the City of Madison and overlapped the first phase, having begun in May 2012.

Project was completed under budget, with Madison share of costs being approximately $300,000.

Staus as of 03/04/2013
Project was completed in 2012.

Public Comments
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Posted: 01/16/2013
Any plans to connect this path along North Pleasant View thru the town of Middleton to hook up with the Pheasant Branch Trail System @ the Pleasant View golf course? Seems that this would be a logical regional connection allowing commutors from Middleton to safely reach Verona + West Madison. Bike downing North Pleasant View from Unviersity to Old Sauk in Middleton is a death wish, no shoulder & very narrow. A path is needed.

City Staff Response:
This path would be entirely in Middleton. Recommend you contact City of Middleton for more information on their excellent plan for future paths.
Posted: 10/31/2012
I, too, am interested in your progress on this project. Have all of the portions of the project designated to be complete in 2012 been finished at this point? Will any more work be done this year? Thanks

City Staff Response:
The 2012 project is complete from McKee Road to Raymond Road.  The next segment from raymond Road to Flagstone Dr (near CTH M) will be constructed next year.
Posted: 03/19/2012
Hello, I live near the proposed project and very pleased about the addition. I am concerned about the area of praire on the Ice Age walking path that will be affected. Would you please clarify how much of the prairie will be removed? Looking at the map it seems the bike trail splits off from existing paved section and then follows the walking path several hundred feet. Thanks!

City Staff Response:
The new path will replace about 200 feet of the existing paved path, relocating it slightly closer to McKee Road. From there it continues west near the McKee right of way and does not impact the paved or unpaved pieces of the Ice Age walking path nor does it touch the bike parking area or the interpretive sign look-out. The project will disturb less than a quarter acre of prairie, and we will restore the disturbed area north of our path with prairie seeding. So the net loss of prairie will be minimal.
Posted: 02/27/2012
Hello, I live on White Fox ln in Middleton off Old Sauk, and I work on McKee road-Midvale. These segments listed for the Ice Age Junction trail interest me a lot. Do you have any more updates?


City Staff Response:
Thanks for your interest, I updated the information this morning. Later today we will get the other segments updated and include some maps. the first phase of construction will begin about 6 weeks from now.