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This project is a paved multi-use (bicycle / pedestrian) path between Commercial Avenue and Roth Street on land controlled by Oscar Mayer Company under a long-term lease. It is located just west of their main plant on the north side of Madison. A small extension is under consideration that will extend the route to Aberg Avenue, in line with O’Neill Avenue. This is a small but important project that will connect to streets with bike lanes and other low-volume, “bike-friendly” streets. It links north side neighborhoods to the rest of the City’s bike network while avoiding a portion of Sherman Avenue that is not suitable for most bikers. It partially meets the goals of the larger “Sherman Flyer” path, which is on hold due to inability to acquire key property from the Union Pacific Railroad. Oscar Mayer is cooperating to make a corridor available for the path and assist in discussions with the owner of the property.

The total length of the project is 0.54 miles, of which 575 feet is on-street and the remainder separate paved multi-use path.

Construction is currently scheduled for late-2011, pending resolution of property issues.

The total estimated construction cost is $210,000. No estimate is available for land costs.

The City of Madison is currently designing the path and working with Oscar Mayer on terms and conditions for use of the land.

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Contract Number: 6301

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