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This is an innovative project to improve the safety, visibility, and capacity of the bicycle crossing where the Southwest Path crosses the Regent / Monroe intersection. Currently bicyclists on this heavily-used path use the pedestrian crosswalks, crossing either to the center island or to the southeast corner depending on the phase of the signals. The first option is by far simpler and safer, particularly for inexperienced bikers. This improvement uses a high-friction, green surface to emphasize the preferred bike crossing and make it highly visible to both bikers and motorists. It segregates the bikes from the pedestrians with separate crossing space and separate, bike-specific signals, providing additional capacity and reducing friction between bikes and pedestrians. The improvement also re-aligns a median to add storage capacity for the east to north left turn and provides a new surface and markings for the intersection.

The improvement is limited to the intersection, with some marking improvements extending west to Breese Terrace.

Construction is scheduled to begin the week of May 16, 2011, following UW graduation.

The estimated construction cost is $185,000 not including engineering and contingencies.

Bids have been received for the construction contract. Significant electrical and utility work was completed in 2010 to move power poles and traffic signal controller in support of this project.

Public Works Contract
Contract Number: 6550

Public Comments
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Posted: 04/25/2012
I think you did a good job on this.

City Staff Response:
Thanks for the comments. Will pass this along to the appropriate staff.
Posted: 04/25/2011
The traffic control maps/diagrams in the pdf-document are very difficult for a layman to understand. What sort of detours, etc. will there be for cyclists passing through during construction?

City Staff Response:
The construction contract  requires the Contractor to maintain pedestrian access through the intersection at all times.  Signing will advise bicyclists to dismount and walk their bikes through the intersection. The exact location of the crosswalks will change as the construction impacts different parts of the intersection.
Posted: 04/18/2011
So really it is the same thing we already have but with a green surface? Is that the best that can be done? What happened to the options of bikers being able to bypass going through 2 sets of lights to cross? Is there a map showing the changes somewhere? Perhaps that isn't necessary if it is in fact the same as what we have but with a little more storage. How unfortunate that there won't be a smoother route for such a heavy intersection.

City Staff Response:
Lauren, this is not just a green surface on the existing crossing.  It is a completely separate bicycle-only crossing that will be built next to the existing pedestrian crosswalk.  It will have separate bicycle signals with a slightly different phasing in addition to separate queuing areas. This separation of bikes from pedestrians at a signalized crossing is an innovation for Madison, though it is used extensively in European cities where high bike (and pedestrian) volumes make it a necessity. We did detailed engineering analysis of the concept of a one-phase diagonal crossing for bikes.  It did not work with the car volumes at this intersection.  Plans for the proposed project are posted at:
Posted: 04/04/2011
Will there be any diversion of traffic to make this intersection safer?