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The bike boulevard would be on Ruskin Street starting at Aberg Ave up to Elka Ln and to Windom Way.

Bike Boulevard Signs: 29
Bike Boulevard SNS: 15
Sharrow Markings: 56

See the preliminary signing/marking plan.

Blocks: 14
Average Block Length: 320'

Estimate $17,000

New Planning project added to Bike Boulevards - Ruskin Ave.

Public Comments
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Posted: 12/08/2011
I'm tired of waiting for an actual bike path for our side of Madison which was built in the 20's on up while the south and west side has been prioritized. I agree that the money should be saved for real bike projects like an actual bike/ped path along the RR corridor from Roth St. I commuted by bike from Sheridan St to near the capitol for 15 years using Huxley St. The only section of N Sherman Ave I used was from Roth to Oxford St. then using the roads in Maple Bluff. Now after working 20 years at a downtown location I will be in walking distance of work.
Posted: 08/18/2011
As a regular bike user living on the northeast side, I believe bike boulevards create a safer alternative for movement within the city. Motorists tend to have greater awareness of the presence of cyclists on the bike boulevards and I have had very positive experiences while using them. Therefore, I am in favor of making Ruskin into a bike boulevard! Ruskin is a safe connecting street between Aberg and Northport, giving cyclists a great alternative to taking busy Sherman Ave. Additionally, I agree with a previous comment which suggested moving the stop signs, which currently stop traffic on Ruskin, to its cross streets. This is one area in which other existing bike boulevards fall a little short.
Posted: 08/16/2011
I commend the city for attempting to provide a safe route of travel for people who choose to use their bicycles for transportation or recreation. That being said, if the purpose of a bike boulevard is to give priority to cyclists as through-going traffic, some of the intersections’ signs should be re-oriented, particularly along the northern stretch of the proposed route. There are currently five consecutive blocks at which bicycle traffic would have to yield or stop – that seems counter to the purpose of a bike boulevard.
I think the signs at Sachtjen, Manley, Vahlen and Winchester should be reversed from how they are currently proposed to actually prioritize bicyclists.

The price tag seems a bit high for that amount of signage and paint - perhaps there are other options for the provision of those items?

Overall I’m in favor of the concept and thank the city for contemplating the creation of a safer route for northsiders who choose to use something other than motor vehicles to get about town.

Posted: 08/16/2011
Please make sure parking near intersections is restricted far enough away from the intersection for cars to see bicycle traffic on Ruskin.
Posted: 08/15/2011
I am in favor of designating Ruskin St. as a Bicycle Boulevard. It will be a great, safe route for cyclists to move through the Northside Neighborhoods. It will provide a safe, quick route for residents who live in the southern section of the neighborhood to travel north to get to the shopping center, the Northside Farmers' Market, and the Lakeview Branch Library. Also, residents towards the north section of the neighborhood will have a safe route to travel to the intersection of Ruskin and Aberg, where other bike lanes already exist and can continue a commute into the center of town. Lastly, students biking to Sherman Middle School can feel more comfortable biking to their school because of the low speed limits for cars and awareness that the street is friendly to bikers.
I look forward to seeing this development in our neighborhood.
Posted: 08/15/2011
I say save the money that would be spent on this for some other bike project that has real teeth. This road is fine as is and designating it a bike boulevard would not do much especially since Madison really doesn't know how to do them correctly. Once Willy St is done I think Jenifer St should be one by removing all stops for Jenifer St. Once Willy st id done there is no need or excuse for cars to go fast down jenifer.
Posted: 08/15/2011
What is the need for this project. Why are we spending the money for something that in all probablity will not be used to any effectiveness.

Don't we have better uses for the money?
Posted: 08/15/2011
I find myself asking how I should begin this to ensure that it is noticed and considered in the planning of the proposed bicycle boulevard for Ruskin Street? I suppose that all I can do is express my great concern for the safety of the bikers on the proposed boulevard.

I live on the corner of Heath and Ruskin. Recently, I witnessed a car accident right outside of my house because a woman did not slow for the yield sign. This is not an uncommon occurrence at this intersection. I have witnessed several near accidents - prior to and since the accident. My neighbors, who live on the corner of Ruskin and Sheridan (one block down Ruskin from me) have had similar experiences at their intersection (as there are yield signs there as well).

Thankfully, in the case of the accident that I witnessed, no one was hurt. However, what would the situation had been like if it was a car versus a bicycle? I'm sure we can all recall the tragic incidences we have had in recent years.

Thankfully, we do not have to give up the bike boulevard as there is one simple solution to the problem - change the existing yield signs at both intersections to stop signs. This is a quick and easy fix that could actually save a life!

Thank you for listening.
Christi Weber