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Multi-use path

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Posted: 02/05/2013
Please add a little more detail to the project description when you get the chance, like where this would be located. Is it on the west side near Junction Road? Thanks! (no direct reply needed)
Posted: 05/17/2012
What is the schedule for the Junction Ridge Path over the Beltline? I had heard it is scheduled for construction in 2016 but the details are not easy to find. Can you help me out?


Nate Lipinski

City Staff Response:
Our draft Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) for 2013 shows the project being designed in 2014 and constructed in 2016.  However, that schedule will almost certainly depend on getting Federal funding to cover 50% of the cost. It is far from certain that we will obtain the Federal funding, and no City funds are currently budgeted.  So the projected dates are tentative at best. (Tony)