Open Records Requests

The State of Wisconsin has a tradition of open government and has tasked each municiality with providing access to open records.

You may find more information about Wisconsin's Open Record policies at the Wisconsin Department of Justice website. The Wisconsin DOJ Office of Open Government resource page has links to the compliance guides for both Open Meetings and Public Records.

Information about open records is also detailed on the City Attorney's Office webpage.

Madison also has an Open Data Portal where departments/agencies place useful information about the city for everyone to access. This data includes information on health, public safety, city projects and plans, city facilities...the list is extensive.

City agencies maintain their own records and each department fulfills their specific open records requests.  If your question is about property tax assessment, then the Assessor's Office is your best first contact. The Madison Parks Department will have information specific to parks. The Madison City Clerk's Office keeps campaign finance records, city contracts, and local information about elections, among other things.

We are always happy to help you figure out who has the records you want to examine.

You can contact us in person, in writing, via email, phone - whichever works for you. We can explain what charges, if any, are associated with your request.