Five Things the Clerk’s Office Would Like Voters to Know this Tuesday

Monday, April 3, 2017 - 3:42pm

The Madison City Clerk’s Office would like voters to know five things for this Tuesday’s election:

  1. The address on your Voter ID does not matter.  When checking Voter ID, poll workers are only verifying your identity.  They are not checking the address on your ID.
  2. A few polling places have changed since November.  To find your polling location, visit
    1. If you voted at Crestwood Elementary in November, your polling place has been moved to John Muir Elementary to improve parking, accessibility and convenience for voters.
    2. If you voted at Glenwood Moravian Church in November, your polling location has moved back to Wingra School now that construction is complete.
    3. If you voted at the Madison Municipal Building in November, your polling place is the Madison Police Department – Central District Community Room while the Municipal Building is under construction.
  3. Keep your ballot dry.  It may rain on Election Day.  Please remember that ballots can become wet when held against wet umbrellas or wet jackets.  When inserted into the tabulator, wet ballots may shred and jam the machine.  If your ballot gets wet, please ask a poll worker for a replacement ballot.
  4. Make sure your ballot lists the correct school district.The City of Madison has eight different school districts.  We intend to give you the correct ballot.  If we mistakenly hand you a ballot for the wrong school district, please tell a poll worker before inserting your ballot into the tabulator.
  5. Proof of address is only needed when you are registering to vote or updating your voter registration.Unless you have moved since you last voted or last registered to vote, you will just need to state your name and address at the poll book, show your Voter ID, and sign the poll book.


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