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March 16, 2017 11:41 AM

Hello Rebecca,
I understand your concerns about school bus safety.  I have CC'd our Crime Prevention Officer Emily Samson to see if this is something she could work on,  to coordinate a training session on bus safety for parents and kids alike.
Captain Cory Nelson
City of Madison Police- West District
1710 McKenna Blvd
Madison, WI 53711
Office phone- 608-243-0503
Cell phone- 608-575-5009

Great questions!! 
I have CC'd Captain Nelson of the West District Police. 
Captain Nelson would you provide a response to this constituent's concerns. I am sure she shares the concerns of many parents. Perhaps we could coordinate an educational response for parents?

Alder Harrington-McKinney

Thanks so much Alder McKinney.  I just recently read a local news article saying that the local school districts said they cannot change this in any way, such that the only solution is dedicated bus service for the children (Metro or yellow bus), and that it is a lengthy process to put either in place, so parents shouldn't expect any solutions by next school year.  Three questions: A) September 2017 is 6 months away - it seems that significant progress, such as competitive bids and funding requests, if not a vote, could be made during this time.  I hope they plan to proceed in some way? B) Are the children riding the buses going to receive training from Madison Metro and the police about how to best protect themselves from a passenger with a loaded weapon who is making them uncomfortable or threatening them in any way? C) Will the children also be trained in how to respond if a weapon is accidentally dropped and/or discharged by a passenger?  Are Metro drivers trained in what to do in either an aggressive (threat) or passive (accidental drop or discharge) gun situation? And if yes, are they able to perform this function while operating a bus?
To put children and drivers in this situation and not provide safety, self defense and emergency protocol training is akin to never running fire drills.  (As an Industrial Engineer, I am a huge believer in the critical importance of proper training.)
As always, I appreciate your dedication to the people of Madison and thanks much for your time.
 Rebecca H. 

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