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April 26, 2017 11:41 AM



Dear Neighbors:

I have been contacted by many of you expressing concerns over the increased incidents of violent crime in our community.  Public safety is a concern. I have invited Captain Cory Nelson, West District Police to join us in the series of neighborhood meetings scheduled in May to discuss the topic of public safety. This trend is disturbing. This District blog is where I report to you what is happening in our community and in our City PLEASE SHARE THE SITE. The following communication was sent to All Alders from Chief Koval and his concern over the increase in violence within our City. 

Rash of Violent Crimes Occurring Overnight, April 24/25

Mr. Mayor and All Alders:

I am providing you with a timely synopsis of a series of compelling crimes which occurred last night in our City.  Within a five hour window of time (Monday from 8:26pm to Tuesday 1:10a), MPD officers responded to an unprecedented number of very violent and dangerous calls for service.  It is too early to be able to establish a causal connection between each case.  However, anecdotally, I cannot recall a time in my career at MPD when there were this many weapons offenses and armed robberies occurring in such rapid succession throughout our City. 

These are disturbing cases where individuals are shooting recklessly and putting innocent people in harm's way.  In one incident, a 6 yr old child was watching television in her home when a stray bullet entered.  Additionally, we had two armed robberies where one victim was pistol whipped and another victim threatened with a gun, both in predominantly residential neighborhoods.  As you may recall, these events are in close proximity to several robberies of food delivery drivers and two carjacking's which occurred last week. 

I am sure that many citizens are likely to contact you expressing their concerns, asking questions and expecting answers.  We have been overwhelmed with media inquiries given the volume and seriousness of these various crimes.  It is for this reason that we will be conducting a press conference at 2:30 (Tuesday) today.  I can assure you that we are using all available resources to investigate each and every incident to the best of our ability.  Case summaries were taken directly from the  website: Released 04/22/2017 at 1:16 AM by Lt. Timothy Radke


My Alder Does Not Listen to Us!

YES WE DO! As Alders, we are elected to represent all residents of our districts. In this role, we do listen.  We,  however,  must listen to views on both sides of issues; issues that are often very controversial. We represent constituents AND have the responsibility of representing our City as well. The issue of reimbursement of the legal fees for Chief Koval is one of those very controversial issues. Some have accused the Council of "being anti Chief/anti police. That is not the case. We have a responsibility to listen to the voices of all residents. The Police and Fire Commission was conflicting in its determination on the term "prevailed" and the Chief's professional decorum in this incident. The Council sought further clarification from the Police & Fire Commission (PFC) but they (PFC) refused to weigh further into their ruling. We have received many comments on both sides of the issue. Regardless of how the Council Rules there is no way to make both sides happy withthat decision. 

AGAINST THE REIMBURSEMENT: On March 14, 2017, the Madison Board of Police and Fire Commissioners found that Madison Police Chief Michael Koval "engaged in misconduct by violating applicable standards of conduct". (Consolidated Decision and Order, page 1.) Chief Koval was found in violation of department regulations for inappropriately speaking to the grandmother of Tony Robinson, a victim of a police shooting. The PFC further wrote, "[W]e expected our Police Chief, as the leader of the Department to serve as an example for the entire Department, and always be beyond reproach no matter how frustrated or how harassed he or she may feel. [Chief Koval] failed in this instance." (Consolidated Decision and Order, page 3.) 

As a lawyer, I interpret this decision to mean that Chief Koval was found in violation of the city's code of conduct. 

I do not interpret this decision as one in which Chief Koval prevailed and I'm appalled that anyone would construe the outcome in such a manner. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "prevail" to mean "to triumph or succeed". While Chief Koval did not face discipline, we do not interpret the decision – and in particular the quoted language above – to mean that the chief triumphed or succeeded.

The city's payment of Chief Koval's legal fees is equivalent to a determination that Chief Koval prevailed in the case. But, through reviewing key parts of the decision, it clearly does not read that way. Regardless of punishment, Chief Koval violated city code and even personally admitted to doing so.

I write this to express my outrage by the fact that reimbursement of attorneys fees for his violations is even being considered. 

Sincerely, Name redacted


In light of recent letters sent by AG Sessions to selected sanctuary cities, our City Attorney, Police Chief, and my offices will start discussions with Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney so that we are prepared, should Madison receive a similar letter.  

The following arrived Friday from Tom Cochran, at the U.S. Conference of Mayors. In Tom's message is a link to one of the letters Sessions sent.

Justice Department Warns Cities on Federal Grants. 

The Justice Department intensified its threats to crack down on so-called "sanctuary cities" that refuse to comply with federal immigration authorities.

Letters were sent to New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, and other places the Justice Department has identified as limiting the information local law-enforcement can provide to federal immigration authorities about those in custody. Here is the link:

The following is a link to an article about Chicago

Mayor Paul Soglin 


April 24, 2017 1:52 PM

Many downtown streets will be closed on Saturday morning, April 29th for the Crazylegs Classic run/walk. 

Traffic will not be able to cross Wisconsin Avenue or State Street from 9:45 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.  Major streets affected include Gorham Street, Johnson Street and Dayton Street.  Through traffic should follow the traffic routes shown on this map:

Several Metro Transit bus routes will be detoured. 

Routes 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 Detours:

Route 80 Detour:

Allow extra travel time if traveling downtown during this time.


Tom Mohr, City Traffic Engineering


















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