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May 24, 2016 6:55 AM

Officers & Citizens Recognized 

Some 80 individuals and organizations were recognized Thursday night, at the Madison Police Department's Annual Awards Ceremony held at the Monona Terrace. More than 25 officers received life saving medals, while others received certificates for problem solving or outstanding service. 


Also recognized were three homeowner associations in District 1 (High Point Estates, Valhalla Valley, and Highland Village) that received a Citizen Assistance Citation Award from the MPD for their efforts and support in moving the Midtown Station forward. The MPD also called out several individuals for awards as well: Ken Dickson, Joseph Ryan, Mike Pariza, Craig Thompson, David Handowski and Jonathan Whalley. This is what makes all of us proud to represent District 1. This team has also been the drivering force behind helping to organize the new SW Neighborhood Association



ParkEdge/ParkRidge Emoloyment & Education Center

At the Board of Estimates Meeting the resolution to select the Urban League of Greater Madison as operator for the Employment Training Center was passed on the consent agenda. The consent agenda moves items along without debate when the body is in consensus. The recommendation from the Board of Estimates to the Common Council was for approval. The resolution will be on the next Council agenda for final approval.


From: Greg Markle
Subject: Opportunities at Operation Fresh Start 


As we face violence in our communities, I wanted to reach out to you to share a message of hope: 

Operation Fresh Start currently has opportunities for youth ages 16 -24 to adjust their trajectory. 

Through a new partnership with Workforce Development Board of Southcentral Wisconsin, Operation Fresh Start has openings in both the Pathways and Strive programs:

Pathways is for youth age 16 -24 that have not completed High School and are not on a path to complete High School through a normal school.  It provides education and employment skills leading to a High School diploma with potential continuing support while attending free credential programing at Madison College.  This program is four days a week for approximately 8 to 15 months.  Youth receive a $700 a month income support during participation and college funding at completion. 


Strive is programming for youth that have recently finished High School but don't have a specific career focus or know what they want to do next.  The program is four 5 to 8 hour days a week for seven weeks during the summer with continuing support while receiving free credential programming at Madison College.  Participants also receive income support while attending this program.  


If you know someone that isn't completing High School with their class, Operation Fresh Start provides Optionscase management.   The Options Manager will sit down with the youth to discuss how to best move forward to a High School diploma and work with them to complete this goal.  In Wisconsin, each youth has until age 21 to achieve a High School diploma.   If you know someone that isn't graduating with their class, we can help them figure out how to complete. 


As you work with older youth, please keep Operation Fresh Start in mind as an opportunity for youth to move forward.  There is hope for each older youth and young adult in our community.  We have ti help each person see this.

Thank you,

Gregory Markle

Executive Director, Operation Fresh Start


Together we can provide all youth a path to self-sufficiency. Operation Fresh Start is a YouthBuild, Corps Network AmeriCorps organization supported by your contributions, United Way and local communities. 





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