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Subject: Madison West Neighborhood Association - 2016 Annual Meeting Announcement

July 19, 2016 5:34 AM

Subject: Madison West Neighborhood Association - 2016 Annual Meeting Announcement

2016 Annual Meeting Announcement

The Madison West Neighborhood Association, Inc. (MWNA) has officially been recognized by the city as a certified neighborhood association (

Congrats to all those that helped with making that happen!

With being officially recognized we are going to hold the first annual meeting Aug 6th at 9am @ The Wisconsin Youth Company, 1201 McKenna Blvd. (See attached or click here to download)

***We ask that you pass the attached document to all of your members/owners/renters/etc.***

Please help us encourage communication and engagement as much as possible. If you know individuals in our neighborhood and wish to be more active or be an officer of MWNA, please have them review the attached document.  Or contact us directly!

Also if you think that your board or group would like to join as a whole, we welcome this and have a couple associations that joined all of their members. We would be happy to present or do whatever to help facilitate that engagement.

Some items we are working on for the neighborhood are:

·         Movie Nights in the Parks
·         Farmer/Artisan Market
·         Waffle/Pancake Neighbor Engagement Event
·         West Fest
·         City Grants (Neighborhood Beautification, Emerging Opportunities, etc)
·         And much more...

Informational Links:

·         What is the Madison West Neighborhood Association? 
·         How do I become a member? 
·         Neighborhood Events 
·         What are the goals of the MWNA? 

What is the Madison West Neighborhood Association, Inc.?

We are a non-profit group that endeavors to build community and keep our neighborhood a safe, desirable place to live. Our mission is to promote social, economic and civic engagement so that we can foster a community of shared values. The boundary of the neighborhood reaches from the beltline down to midtown road and from gammon to Meadow Rd.
The vision for the neighborhood association is to have our neighbors become part of a larger, more connected community. The neighborhood association offers many benefits to its members, as well as to the greater community as a whole. But we also understand the need and desire for already established associations to keep their independence.

In terms of specifics, members gain a greater voice in decisions and plans for development projects, quicker resolutions with the local government and services. An established record for this has already been made, when we banded together to keep the Midtown Police station in the city budget.

But a greater voice is not the only benefit. We as a group will gain closer social and community connections by hosting adult and family oriented events, as well as push for more community outreach through volunteering efforts. An example of an effort underway is organizing a local farmers & artisan market at Elver Park as well as a Community Day Event, to replace the Elver Park Fireworks. There is also many other events and programs that we want to do, the sky really is the limit if we come together. 

But lastly there is a huge communication gap that the neighborhood association can fill between the people of our area and the government, specifically the state, county, and city. Through email, a website and newsletter, the neighborhood association can traverse a lot of that information and get the information that you need into your hands.

For more information or to join the Madison West Neighborhood Association, please visit us at


Joseph Ryan | President
Madison West Neighborhood Association, Inc.
708-469-6055 | O
517-862-3579 | M |

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