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Wingra School: Design Drawings

Wingra School

Wingra School

Wingra School

101 S Mills St.

Link to the PDF version for easier viewing.

View my comments to Plan Commission here. 

101 S Mills St.



1313 Regent Street Site

1313 Regent Street Views


Development approval process

What the city can--and can't--do

Development is driven by private investment. The City has a lot of "no" power but very limited power to force action. We'd say "no" if a foundry asked to build on Park St. but the City cannot tell a developer, "You must apartment building" (or anything for that matter).

Once a private developer has committed to a project the City can influence the design but we're limited by the developer. They aren't required to invest their money; they can always pull out. Ultimately we endeavor to make the proposed building as great as it can be, or at least to the level of acceptability.
What neighbors can do 
  1. Tell me and your neighborhood association your opinions.
  2. Email your opinion to review commissions below. 
  3. Speak at public hearings of those bodies.  Ask your neighbors to do the same. 

edgewood high school parking

Parking lot expansion concept.

DMNA Street reconstruction Schedule

Map linked here.

1004 & 1032 Park Street

Please find an updated parking strategy to be proposed by the developer here.

New city review dates (click on the links for minutes/action taken):


Version 3 

They've released a new design with the previously 6-story portion of the building now 5 stories, and changing the material palette of that section to match the rest of the building, and with 9 fewer apartments.

You can download the new plans here. 

Also, while the developer will present these plans to the UDC for feedback at the 4/8 meeting, they can ultimately decide which version to submit for approval at later meetings outlined below.

Version 2

Terrence Wall is proposing a development for 1004 & 1032 Park St (the triangle site south of the intersection of Park street and Fish Hatchery road). Terrence and his team are unvieled their second design iteration on 3/5. They will be presenting their project to the Urban Design Commission Wednesday 3/11 4:30 Madison Municipal Building LL-110. This meeting will be purely informational for the UDC and developer, the UDC won't be making any decisions or voting on the item.

This version of the proposal consists of 3 connected 3, 5, and 6-story apartment buildings with ground-level retail, internal parking and one level of underground parking.

The buildings have a total of 173 units between efficiencies and "Townhouses", all market rate. There is 9,330 sf of ground floor commercial space, with a total of 177 parking spaces in the interior of the ground floor and 1 story underground.















Version 1 (for reference)

Terrence Wall is proposing a development for 1004 & 1032 Park St (the triangle site south of the intersection of Park street and Fish Hatchery road). The project is still in an early stage and hasn't been formally submitted to the city. Terrence and his team are working on revisions based on the neighborhood meeting I hosted on 1/19, and will present the new design draft on 3/5.

The current proposal consists of 3 connected 4, 5, and 6-story apartment buildings with ground-level retail, internal parking and one level of underground parking.

The buildings have a total of 174 units between efficiencies and 2 bedrooms + den, all market rate. The commercial area is 13,400 sf. The parking holds 67 cars on the ground floor and 113 on the underground level.


3414 Monroe Street

Update: The developer as decided to voluntarily bring the project to the UDC at the 4/8 Meeting. 4:30PM at 215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Room LL-110 (Madison Municipal Building)

Version 3

Patrick Corcoran is proposing an updated design that was shared with the neighborhood on 2/5. The new proposed building is 25,800 sf above ground, 10,000 sf below ground, includes 19 apartments (studio to 3-bedroom), 3,400sf of commercial space, 30 parking spaces (21 below ground), 25 bicycles spaces, 4 moped parking spaces, and a public dog watering station. The massing of the building as compared to the previous design is pulled back from the Arbor house, moving the removed mass to create a 4th floor stepped back on all sides. The materials are cedar, natural plaster, and masonry.

The project will go before the Plan Commission at a public hearing on 4/22 4:30PM at 215 Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Room LL-110 (Madison Municipal Building)

Depending on the recommendation of the Plan Commission, it's likely to then go to the Common Council on 5/6 for the final public hearing and vote.




view from monroe

view from glenway

comparison of versions

comparison of version

view from monroe

view from monroe

roof plan

floor plans

floor plans

site plan


Version 2 (for reference)

Version 2 was a 3-story, 22,000 square foot building that would house 16 apartments between 1 and 3-bedrooms, 16 on-site parking spaces, and 3,200 square feet of office space on the ground floor.

The site currently has a small office building (that formerly housed the Madison Opera offices) that the Landmarks Commission found to have historical merit. Further, the property is adjacent to a historic landmark, the Plough Inn. Due two those criteria the Plan Commission will review the project, though it conforms with zoning and requires no Conditional Use.

An independant traffic study was conducted and found that if the project is build as intended it would not add any additional parked cars to the area on nearby streets if parking is shared between residents and office workers, between 9am-4pm. A copy of the full report is here.

Version 2 - Glenway facade:

Version 2 - Monroe/Glenway intersection:

Version 2 - Monroe looking West:

Version 2 - Further down Monroe looking West:

101 S Mill Street - On Hold

This proposal is currently pending potential redesign by the developer.


This 6-unit apartment building has been proposed to replace the current building at 101 S. Mills St. with 3 2-story 2-bedroom units on the upper floors, 2 2-bedroom units on first floor and one 2-bedroom unit in the lower level.  6000 sq ft of parking will provide off-street parking for 3 cars, 6 mopeds and 6 bicycles.  A zoning change from TR-V1 to TR-U1 will be required for the proposed new building.


1414 S Park St

1414 S Park St is approved.




Madison taxi - 1403 Gilson St

Madison Taxi is approved.
Gilson St facade:

107 S Mills

107 S Mills is approved.

Longfellow School, 210 S Brooks

Longfellow School is approved.



St James Ct is approved.  


1902 Monroe St has been approved.
View from Harrison, across from Trader Joe's:

2620 Monroe St and 665 Knickerbocker

This is approved.

1129 S Park St - Gas station

The new gas station is complete.



1033 High St

This proposal for 1033 High St is approved.  It has 67 units and underground parking.  



Wingra shores 2nd building, 2628 Arbor dr

This proposal for 2628 Arbor Dr is approved.  36 units, underground parking. 


Back (toward Monroe St):


Lane's Bakery, 448 S Park St

This proposal to redevelop the Lane's Bakery site, 448 S Park St, is approved. This will be a 5-story, mixed use building. The first floor will have 6500 feet of retail space. The upper 4 floors will have 40 apartments.  There is underground parking.


Southeast, view from Park & Drake:


THE IDEAL, 502 s park st

The Ideal, at 502 S Park St, is complete.



Meriter Daycare, 201 S Mills St

Meriter's daycare building, at 201 S Mills St, is complete.





Beth Israel Center, 1406 Mound St, has proposed a major renovation and addition.  We had a neighborhood meeting and there was strong support for the proposal.  They hope to begin construction in summer 2014.


Wingra Clinic, 1102 S Park St

Wingra Clinic is completed.

      Wingra Clinic building