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Alder David Ahrens

Alder David Ahrens

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Madison Declares Snow Emergency

January 15, 2018 12:16 PM

                                                  Madison Declares Snow Emergency

The City of Madison has declared a snow emergency. This means alternate side parking restrictions will be in effect in the downtown/isthmus snow emergency zone as well as the rest of the City of Madison.  This snow emergency will remain in effect until 7 a.m. on Wednesday, January 17.

The Streets Division crews along with heavy equipment contractors will begin plowing all city streets this evening.  We expect plowing operations to start around 8pm on January 15 and it will take 12 to 14 hours for all streets to be cleared.  Streets Division crews will maintain the city salt routes until switching to plowing residential areas. The combined plow force of the Streets Division and heavy equipment contractors will be approximately 150 pieces of equipment. 

Madison residents are asked to remove all vehicles and trailers from the street if possible. Fewer obstacles in the road means crews the plowing operations will be safer, faster, and more complete.  

Today's plowing operations will likely cause delays in refuse, recycling, and Christmas tree collection on Tuesday, January 16. More information regarding these delays will follow.

Parking on the Street Tonight (Monday 1/15 into early morning of Tuesday 1/16)

All residents who must park on the street tonight (the evening of January 15 into early morning of January 16) need to have their vehicles on the EVEN house numbered side of the street between the hours of 1am and 7am.  Violations of the alternate side parking rules are punishable by a fine of $60 throughout the entire City of Madison.  Violators could also be towed.

Parking on the Street Tomorrow Night (Tuesday 1/16 into the early morning of Wednesday 1/17)

Vehicles parked on the tomorrow night (the evening of January 16 into early morning of January 17) should have their vehicles on the ODD house-numbered side of the street between the hours of 1am and 7am.  Violations of the alternate side parking rules are punishable by a fine of $60 throughout the entire City of Madison.  Violators could also be towed.

Refuse and Recycling Delays

The collection of refuse and recycling for January 16 may be delayed for some residents in the Monday and/or Tuesday collection districts as crews for those collection facets will be needed to plow the entire residential public street network.

Residents in the Monday and Tuesday districts are reminded to have their container to the curb for collection prior to 7am on January 16. They are also reminded not to place their containers in the gutter line during plowing operations. Plows maneuvering around collection carts create swaths of unplowed street that require crews to return to certain to these areas later and therefore slowing the plowing operations for Madison.

If you are within the Monday and Tuesday districts and your refuse or recycling is not collected, be sure to have your cart(s) to the curb by 7am Wednesday, January 17. Crews will work to finish those collection districts that were left incomplete at that time as well as collecting all of the Wednesday collection district as scheduled.

Christmas Tree Collection Delayed

Since crews will be needed for snow plow operations, and others will be diverted to collect refuse and recycling for both the Monday and Tuesday districts due to Monday's holiday, the second round of Christmas tree collection will not begin on January 16.

The second round of tree collection will begin on January 17.  Individuals wishing to have their tree collected at the curb should be sure their tree is to the curb and accessible by 7am on January 17.  Trees that have become buried by snow may not be collected by crews, so residents may need to dig out their trees from the snow if they have placed them to the curb.

Get complete snow emergency information at or by calling 608-261-9111.


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