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Alder David Ahrens

Alder David Ahrens

Alder David Ahrens

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4117 Major Ave.
Madison , WI 53716

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District 15 is served by multiple Police Districts. The North District serves everything north of East Washington Avenue. The Central District serves everything east of Milwaukee Street and the East District serves the rest.


In the event of an emergency, please contact the Dane County Dispatch at 911. If it is not an emergency, you can contact Dispatch at 255.2345 or contact the Police District directly.



  • Fire Stations
    • Fire Station #3 (1217 Williamson Street)
    • Fire Station #5 (4418 Cottage Grove Road)
    • Fire Station #8 (3945 Lein Road)
    • Fire Station #10 (1517 Troy Drive)



District 15 is serviced by the Madison Metropolitan School District.

  • Madison Metropolitan School District
    • Elementary: Allis, Emerson, Hawthorne, Lowell, Schenk
    • Middle: O'Keeffe, Sennett, Whitehorse
    • High: East, La Follette



Both Hawthorne and Pinney offer unique and creative learning environments, community rooms, computers and, of course, books available for library patrons. In addition, Pinney Library will be open on Sundays during the cold weather months.



Neighborhood Associations are the back-bone to our community. District 15 is fortunate that all areas are covered by an active neighborhood association working to engage all residents in their local environment.



Community Gardens are a vital connection to our food supply in an otherwise urban environment. If you would like more information about either of these gardens, see the Community Action Coalition Community Gardens website.

  • Saint Paul Garden
    • located along the 3000 through 3200 blocks of Saint Paul Avenue, off Milwaukee Street (along railroad tracks).
  • Eastmorland Garden
    • located at the South East corner of Hargvorve and Walter Streets.
  • McCormick Garden
    • at the end of McCormick Avenue along Starkweather Creek.



There are two active and engaging Community Centers that serve residents of District 15. The East Madison Community Center (EMCC) is north of the district and the Goodman Community Center is west near Atwood Avenue.



In an urban environment, Parks provide real recreational and activity areas. Parks are varied and reflect the interests of the neighborhood that surround them. You can also notice that many neighborhoods are named after their parks (or vis-versa). 

Burke Heights and Ridgewood Neighborhoods

Eastmorland Neighborhood

Glendale Neighborhood

Hawthorne Neighborhood

 Hiestand Neighborhood

Lake Edge Neighborhood