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Fire Station 2 Remodel

August 13, 2012 11:27 AM

Remodeling of Fire Station 2 on Grand Canyon Drive is underway!

Thanks to the advocacy of many of you, the badly-needed refurbishment of Station 2 is in progress today rather than being postponed until next year.

The work will modernize and expand the kitchen and dorm facilities for our first responders, providing enough room for a double company (which is currently housed at Station 7) and add fire suppression equipment to the building (I'm not kidding, the firehouse was built without sprinklers).

Station 2 crews and equipment have been relocated to Station 12 on South Point Road during construction, which is expected to last until near the end of the year. Neighborhoods usually served by Station 2 are also being covered by Station 9 (Midvale), and Station 7 (McKenna).

I am looking forward to the new facility!

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