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Winter storm Saturday update

December 22, 2012 2:09 PM

Hi folks, here are some important updates on the continuing cleanup efforts:

Snow removal

It took over 24 hours for all of the city's side streets to be cleared, and some still need more work. The complicating factors were the heavy, wet snow, a lot of down trees and limbs, stuck vehicles blocking the streets, and, most significantly for our part of town, some contractors that bailed before their routes were done. (Most of the residential streets in our area are cleared by contractors, while city crews do the collector and arterial streets.) While we can't change the snow, we can and will demand better performance from our contractors.

The Streets Division had crews working overnight Friday on residential streets completing work on cul de sacs and circles and doing push backs and alternate side plow backs. During the day on Saturday they have two shifts concentrating on opening up salt routes and continuing operations on sidewalks and bus stops.

Starting at midnight on Sunday crews will again focus on clean up of residential streets and more alternate side plow backs. They will also continue clean up on cul de sacs, circles, sidewalks and bus stops.

If your street has not been cleared, please let me know.

Refuse and Recycling Collection

Missed the Friday collection? You're not alone! Crews will return on Monday (normally a holiday) to cover missed areas. Please put your cart(s) out by 7am and dig them out if needed. Report your address here to ensure you get serviced.

Large item collection ("the claw") is suspended until further notice.

Curb Cut blow-outs

I've had several reports of plows overdoing it on pushing back curb cuts on corners, resulting in turf damage and big piles of snow on the sidewalk. If this happened to you, please let me know.

Thank you

This was an extraordinary storm and has required extraordinary efforts and time to clean up. Please join me in thanking our hard-working city crews. I also thank all of you for your patience with the progress of their work. Stay safe and happy holidays.


I welcome your questions and comments about this or any other city issue. Please contact me at or 608-695-5709.

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