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September 3, 2013 Council Agenda Items of Possible Interest to District 2 Residents

September 1, 2013 1:51 PM

Following is information about several items of possible interest to District 2 residents which are on the September 3 Common Council agenda including an update on the items regarding the Lamp House Block Ad Hoc Plan Committee, a report on downtown safety and more.  Please let me know if you have questions or comments about any of these or other agenda items.

Alcohol license for the Star Bar (to be located in the Constellation on E. Washington) – agenda item 12
This alcohol license application is likely to be on the consent agenda.  That means it, along with a number of other items, would come to vote without testimony or Council discussion.  Should anyone register and wish to speak, the item would be taken off the consent agenda.  A representative of the Star Bar visited a Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association Council meeting and received their support.

Amendment to regulation for dormers – agenda item 19
Again, this is likely to be on the consent agenda.  This amendment clarifies the regulations for dormers so that the pitch of the roof is no longer the controlling factor. This resolves a conflict between the landmarks regulations for historic properties and the zoning code.  Because there are so many landmark districts and properties in District 2, I thought this could be of interest to some people.

Amendment to allow for a greater number of rooms in a B&B establishment – agenda item 21
Once again, this is likely to be on the consent agenda.  The amendment will allow Madison B&Bs to have up to 8 rooms.  The current maximum is 4 rooms.  Eight rooms is the maximum allowed by state statute.  Madison is B&B deficient when compared with other similarly situated cities.  This ordinance change may allow for a more attractive business model to encourage more of these locally owned businesses which provide more options to visitors to Madison.

Lamp House Block Ad Hoc Plan Committee – agenda items 25 & 28
Both the resolution to create the Lamp House Block Ad Hoc Plan Committee and the names of appointees will be for introduction only at the September 3 Council meeting rather than voting on these items.  Because these items are only being introduced at the September 3 Council meeting, rather than a vote being taken on implementation, these items will be on the consent agenda.  Both items then will be considered and voted on at the September 17 Council meeting.  This is the more standard approach for these kinds of resolutions and appointments and, I believe, appropriate in this case.  Therefore, should you be interested in testifying, the time to do so would be at the September 17 Council meeting.

Report of the Mayor: Downtown Safety – agenda item 21
This is a report only; there is nothing which will come to a vote.  This relates to concerns raised by police about safety in our downtown.

Authorization for spending funds from a HUD/CARPC grant – agenda item 47
This item will authorize the expenditure of $132,000 which remains from US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)/Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) funds for the Madison Sustainability Commerce Center (MSCC) and related initiatives within the Capitol East District.  More information about the Capitol East District can be found here:

Façade Improvement Grant to 827 E. Johnson Street; The Spot – agenda item 119
This is another item for introduction only (as are items 25 & 28 above) and so will come back to the September 17 Council meeting for a vote.  The Spot presented information to the Tenney Lapham Neighborhood Association Council and received their support.

Selected items only
The above are selected items only on the 162 item agenda that I think are most likely to be of interest to some District 2 residents.  If you wish to review the full agenda it can be found at:   Also, each agenda item has a link to more information should that be of interest to you.

Again, please contact me if you have questions or wish to provide any comments to me.

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