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Status & What's Next: Mansion Hill Local Historic District Demolition and Development Proposal

November 24, 2013 8:01 AM

Neighborhood Meeting Held - Thursday evening, November 21, 2013 a neighborhood meeting was held regarding the proposal by Steve Brown Apartments to demolish a house (127 W Gilman), move a house (123 W Gilman) and demolish an apartment building (121 W Gilman) in order to build three 5-story apartment buildings.  The house is proposed to be relocated to 113 W. Gorham.  Read more about the proposal at:

One document referenced at the neighborhood meeting which people indicated an interest in seeing is "The Mansion Hill Historic District Preservation Plan and Development Handbook".  It can be found at:

What's Next - The first city committee to act on the proposal will be the Landmarks Commission.  The Landmarks Commission hearing will be held this coming Monday, November 25, 2013 at 4:45 in Room LL-110 of the Madison Municipal Building at 215 MLK Blvd.  The agenda can be found at:

Analysis of Proposal - Two thorough reports assessing this proposal against ordinances and standards, prepared by City of Madison Preservation Planner, Amy Scanlon, can be found at:

Ms Scanlon goes through each of the standards for each of the structures.  Please take a look at the reports for details.  Briefly her conclusions follow:

Relocation request for 123 W Gilman:  "Staff believes that the standards for granting the Certificate of Appropriateness for the relocation (technical demolition) of the building at 123 W Gilman are met and recommends approval by the Landmarks Commission with the condition that the demolition permit cannot be obtained until the entire redevelopment project on West Gilman and West Gorham Streets has obtained all other necessary approvals."

Demolition requested for 127 W Gilman:  "Staff believes that the standards for granting the Certificate of Appropriateness for the demolition of the building at 127 W Gilman are not met and recommends that the Landmarks Commission deny the request. Staff also suggests that the Landmarks Commission discuss the relocation of the structure."

Demolition requested for 121 W Gilman:  "Staff believes that the standards for granting the Certificate of Appropriateness for the demolition of the building at 121 W Gilman may be met and recommends approval by the Landmarks Commission."

New buildings proposed: "Because the gross volume of the new buildings has a questionable relationship to the VRA [Visually Related Area] and because the design is not appropriate, Staff believes the standards for granting a Certificate of Appropriateness for the new development are not met and recommends that the Landmarks Commission refer the request at this time so that the project team can continue to work with staff to develop a project that meets the Ordinance. Staff suggests that the Landmarks Commission discuss the attributes of the project and provide the project team with design direction that would be appropriate in the Mansion Hill historic district."

Your Voice - This is a complex proposal which makes it difficult to capture in a brief update post.  If you have specific questions or would like to discuss the proposal please email or call me.  I appreciate hearing your perspective. 

Other ways to have your voice heard in regard to this important proposal in the Mansion Hill Local Historic District is to testify at the Landmarks Commission meeting or send an email to Amy Scanlon at  Be sure to note that you would like your communication shared with the Landmarks Commissioners.  I'd appreciate you copying me.

Thanks for caring about your neighborhood!

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