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Langdon Street Terrace Work

January 19, 2014 12:24 PM

2014 Downtown Street Reconstruction and Improvement Projects
Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 6:30 PM
Wisconsin Studio, Overture Center (3
rd Floor)
201 State Street, Madison

The City of Madison is proposing to complete several projects in the downtown area in 2014. Each project is described in a little more detail below. Each of the projects will include assessments to the adjacent property owners, and the estimated assessments will be mailed separately in the following weeks.

You are invited to the public informational meeting for these projects. At the meeting, City staff will give a short presentation to provide additional details on the projects. Please feel free to attend the meeting and to provide input and/or ask questions regarding the proposed project. If you have any questions related to these projects, please contact Jim Wolfe, the Project Engineer, at, or call (608) 266-4099.

N. Henry Street Reconstruction (W. Gilman St. to W. Gorham St.)

This block of N. Henry St. is proposed to be fully reconstructed. This involves replacement of the underground public utilities, which includes the sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main. Also, a complete reconstruction includes replacement of the driveway aprons, curb, pavement and gravel base, and the sidewalks are replaced as needed.

Installation of pedestrian scale lighting is also proposed with this project, and the Bassett style light would be used on this block.

W. Mifflin Street Utilities with Resurfacing (N. Broom St. to N. Henry St.)

On this block of W. Mifflin St., the City is proposing to replace the underground public utilities (sanitary sewer, storm sewer and water main) along with resurfacing the street. The resurfacing includes replacement of the asphalt pavement and gravel base, and the curb, driveway aprons and sidewalks would be replaced as necessary. Pedestrian scale lighting is also proposed for this project, and this block would receive the Bassett style light.


Langdon Street Terrace Improvement (N. Frances St. to private alley east of N. Henry, aka "Langdon Ln.")

The City is proposing to remove the existing pavers, which have become tripping hazards in many locations, and to remove the worn and eroded terrace areas on this portion of Langdon St. The terrace would then be replaced with exposed aggregate concrete; this is the same terrace treatment that was installed on Langdon St. from Lake St. to Frances St. A gap in the concrete terrace will be provided around existing trees, and the area will also be reviewed to see if additional trees can be planted. Pedestrian lights are proposed with this project as well, and Langdon St. would have the Bassett style lights installed.


W. Johnson Street Streetscape (N. Broom St. to N. Carroll St.)

On this portion of W. Johnson St., the City is proposing to improve the streetscape by installing pedestrian scale lighting, which will be the State St. side-street style (see photo at end of letter) from N. Broom St. to half-way between State St. and N. Carroll St. The remaining portion of the block between State St. and Carroll St. is planned to have the Bassett style pedestrian light. Also as part of the proposed project, a border of exposed aggregate concrete would be added around the trees, and, if possible, additional trees will be added to these blocks of W. Johnson St. Within the project limits, sidewalk and curb will also be replaced as needed.


N. Henry Street Streetscape (State St. to W. Mifflin St.)

The proposed project on this portion of N. Henry St. is similar to the work on Johnson St. The City is proposing to install the State Street side-street style of pedestrian light on the entire length of this project. Also, the border of exposed aggregate concrete is proposed for around the trees, and the site will be reviewed in more depth to determine whether or not additional trees can be planted. Most of this work has already taken place on the Overture Center side of the block, so this project would mostly focus on the west side of N. Henry St. The sidewalk and curb will also be replaced on an as needed basis.

Bassett Style Light

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