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Routine water main flushing to begin in D2 Next Week

April 18, 2014 10:07 AM

It's a sure sign of spring! Water main flushing is to begin next week in District 2 with flushing to take place in the area between Blair Street and the Yahara River and from E. Washington to the lake. This flushing area may continue the following week if they are unable to complete it next week.  Please see information from the Water Utility below.


Routine water main flushing

Madison Water Utility crews are flushing water mains in your neighborhood beginning April 21, which can temporarily cause discolored water.

Water Main Flushing Schedule

Inside MWU article on our flushing program


Why We Flush

Water from our aquifer often contains low levels of naturally occurring iron and manganese, which often accumulate as sediment in water mains. The minerals aren't considered harmful, but their accumulation over time can cause water to have a slight brown or reddish tint. We regularly flush our water mains in the spring and summer months to push out the sediment, but that action -- or any other disturbance such as fire suppression, a main break, contractor work, or a flow test -- can temporarily stir up the sediment that causes discolored water. If your water becomes discolored, run a cold water tap in the basement (or lowest level) at full force until the water clears. Usually it clears in just a few minutes. If it doesn't clear, please call our Water Quality hotline at 266-4654 or 266-4665 (24-hour operator).


Area Construction

If you notice construction going on in your area, please be aware that your water color could be affected with little or no notice. Construction-related emergency valve shut-offs and other work can stir up water main sediment.


More Information

You can find a weekly flushing schedule on our website, which is updated every Friday:


Or you can opt-in to receive our weekly flushing schedule emails through the City of Madison's email alert system:

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