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Lots of good news for you this week

September 28, 2016 8:26 PM

Hi neighbors, I hope this beautiful, if mostly damp fall season is treating you well

I have a few interesting things about which to chat with you today,

As I am certain you've noticed, this year's Cottage Grove construction is mainly complete. Please feel welcome to join me in song  

What's more, the new ramps for southbound Hwy 51 are complete. I, for one, no longer feel I need to make sure my will is in order before I use the ramp. It's a little tight, but now it's something we can work with.

Here's what I have for updates for Hwy 51 construction for this weekend:
Friday September 30th will have the following closures:

Lane closures will be from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.

Northbound Stoughton Road will have the two median lanes closed from Voges Road to Broadway

Southbound Stoughton Road will have the two median lanes closed from Broadway to Voges Road

All turning movements at the US 12/18 Beltline ramps will be maintained with a minimum of one lane for each movement.

West Broadway Street will be open to all movements of traffic.  There will be a minimum of one lane for each movement.

New Development
We are also looking into some fresh and new development east of the interstate, near the Sprecher/Cottage Grove Rd and Sprecher/Town Center areas. This will be a deliberate and gradual process and I'll need your input in order to make potential developments the best they can be for our area.

As you may have heard either or both of these developments could involve a convenience store/gas station. I am open and eager to hear from each of you on this possibility. Currently I am not in love with more gas stations, to be honest with you. Like many of us out here on the eastern side of the district, I take my car almost everywhere. I will be the first to admit that that is not a sustainable or responsible practice. Having one, or possibly two, gas stations within throwing distance of my home makes it even easier for me to continue mindlessly continuing habits which are bad for our planet and national security. That may sound high-minded, but this big picture stuff is part of the job. Where are you all at on the idea of one or two fueling stations in an area which currently has none? I look forward to your thoughts.


Early Voting

On an entirely different topic, have you voted yet? Why not, early voting began yesterday. Excitingly, this year you can early vote right at our library. I've always voted early, as an insurance policy against unexpected stuff coming up on election day. So for years I have schlepped downtown, paid for parking, and walked into the city county building to vote early at the clerk's office. This year, I will be delighted to skip down to the Pinney Library and cast my ballot-I might even take my bike. I strongly encourage you to join me in voting early. Voting is an exciting activity so I don't want to advocate for you to "get it out of the way," but rather to make a bit of a moment out of it. There's rarely a long line when you vote early, which means you take all the time you want, take in the moment, take a selfie, whatever you want (although please don't publish a photo of your ballot, that's illegal). This has been a looooong election season, so why not set aside some time and celebrate your participation by voting early on your own schedule?


Here's more info, including the over a dozen locations at which you can early vote 


More Voting

Speaking of voting, it's time to vote for Madison Magazine's Best of Madison as well. There are over one hundred categories but you only have to vote in as many categories as you like. In the almost 18 months that I have served you and written this blog, I have been approached by several of you about how much you like the writing, information, and style. It's been truly touching to hear from so many of you about this. Who knew pun jokes were this universally enjoyed? So if you go to your Best of Madison ballot in the arts and entertainment section, you can even vote for me and District 3 for best local blog.

Three MPD-Related Items

Firstly, you've probably seen the proposed Midtown Police Station in the news. While the station will be on the west side, it's an important project to me, for a very simple reason-government should keep its promises. Each year government and individuals in it come up against unforeseen elements that make it nigh on impossible to keep commitments. Even if we can't do anything to change the unforeseen, we recognize that not keeping to commitments damages public trust. So wherever even remotely possible, the city HAS to keep its promises. Madison's southwest side has been promised the Midtown Station for years and years. While it means shuffling some funding around, moving forward on Midtown is very possible, and there's no reason not to. Like most alders, I'm a strong proponent of the project. Everyone deserves to be safe.

Secondly and closer to home, the east district is transitioning to a new district captain, Mr. Tom Snyder. Captain Snyder is a previous captain of the east district and knows the area well. We are sadly losing Captain Mary Schauff, who is one of the calmest and most unflappable people I've met. She is transferring to the training center where the recruits will be lucky to learn from her.

Finally, we have two MPD-related events coming up. Right here in District 3 is the MPPOA 5k Trail Run (and kids donut dash) at Door Creek from 9am-12noon on Saturday, October 8th. Door Creek Park has absolutely beautiful trails and this run will be a great one. Additionally on October 8th, there's a spaghetti dinner to benefit one of MPD's charity programs. The dinner is at VFW Post #1318 at 133 E. Lakeside Street. As a competitive athlete, I have carefully measured nutrition which doesn't include spaghetti or garlic bread, so please support this event and then write me about how delicious it was so I can live vicariously. 


That's what I have for you this week, have a great rest of this beautiful week and be well,


Amanda MM Hall

Alder, District 3

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