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Halloween and Voting and Cottage Grove Road

October 26, 2016 8:08 PM

Hi neighbors, lots of info to share:


Cottage Grove Road Closure Tomorrow

First and foremost please note that the westbound lanes of Cottage Grove Road are closed tomorrow from Monona Drive west almost to Hwy 51. You will still be able to enter and exit Hwy 51 onto CG Road from that area but that will be about it. Please make your commuting and travel plans accordingly.


Starting a fire on purpose on November 3rd

As you know, the corner of Cottage Grove Road and Sprecher Road is slated for renewal and redevelopment in the next months and years. As part of that process, the existing buildings (a house, a barn, and two silos), need to be demolished and removed. The Madison Fire Department will be conducting training with a controlled burn and hands on training on the property on November 3rd. If you see a fire and fire crews there please note that it is simply a training exercise and nothing about which to be concerned.


Speaking of burning things...

Let's talk about synthetic marijuana. Don't do it. Really don't do it. As our nation evolves on the medicinal and even recreational marijuana use topics, many in Madison are discussing it as well. Perhaps some of us are even employing marijuana to deal with chronic pain or health issues. While I've never partaken myself and cannot and would not encourage it, it's not for me as your neighbor to judge your choice. That said, please note that synthetic marijuana is nothing like actual marijuana. When we hear 'synthetic' we think, 'manufactured or processed a different way but basically the same thing.' In this case, that's a tremendous mislabeling. Synthetic marijuana is technically a dried green plant, yes, but one which has sprayed with a host of mind altering chemicals before being dried. The result is not a calming, appetite increasing drug, but rather a hallucinogen which has been shown to trigger aggressive and manic responses in people. Here's more info. Please stay informed and safe. 


Let's go the other direction and expand our brain cells

I've been looking into auditing a course or two at the La Follette School of Public Affairs at UW so that I can even better serve you in this role and I came across a great opportunity for seniors which I wanted to share. Residents who will be 60 years of age or more by the first day of the semester can audit many UW class for the very reasonable price of free. This means that seniors can attend lectures and participate in discussions (although not exams), which seems like a great service. Here's more info and perhaps I'll see you on campus 


Budget Update

Both the 2017 capital (big project), and operating (day to day expenses) budgets, as amended, will go to the council for deliberation next month. The BOE (finance committee), has met multiple times in the last weeks to consider amendments to the initial proposed budget, and we are just about ready to begin council deliberations. Because things shift during the process, there is space and opportunity for still more amendments to the budget before then.

Notably in this year's budget, there is quite a split between the mayor and much of the council on whether to build and staff the Midtown Police Station on the west side. It's been pretty tense and it doesn't need to be. I don't always agree with MPD's methods and approach, but when they tell me that they need something (facilities, training, supplies, etc), I'm going hear them out and I'm probably going to go with them on it. Money doesn't grow on trees, but neither does neighborhood safety and I wish our west side neighbors and officers were not being put through the ringer on this. Thank you for hearing out my editorial on that.

On the Safety Subject

Please stay safe this Halloween weekend. With the Badgers Football night game and Freakfest on State Street, our safety personnel will be stretched pretty tight on Saturday. Please do what you need to do to stay safe. Please also note that trick or treating is next Monday, 10/31 as always, from 6pm-8pm.


And Last But Not Least-Vote

Our city clerk staff and librarians have been working around the clock on early voting and getting polling place workers ready for the big day. If you haven't already early voted, you can vote up until 4 days before the election at any Madison Library. Don't forget an ID. Find out more here


Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend and stay in touch

Amanda Hall
Alder, District 3


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