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please please please be safe out there

December 16, 2016 5:19 PM

Hi Neighbors,

I hope this note finds you snug at home. In this weather, county officials have asked us all to stay in. While I have zero authority to ask any of you to stay in, go out, or dance a jig, as your neighbor I hope you will stay safe. 

If you work second shift and/or weekends or need to go out for any reason, please note the following from our streets department who has already been hard at work for hours. Please note from their statement that low temps will mean that salt won't work as well at melting the snow/ice, and that the snow is more likey to freeze right to the street surface and stay there until temps rise again, which may be a while.

Snow Plowing Updates
by Chris Kelley, Streets Superintendent
posted December 16, 2016 4:07 PM
The Streets Division has had 32 crews out maintaining the salt routes since 3am Friday, and we will keep 32 crews on these routes for the duration of this event. Roads will likely be slippery in parts during the storm, especially residential areas. As the storm wears on into Saturday afternoon and evening, dangerous conditions are expected to develop as the winds increase, creating drifting and limited visibility. Traveling Saturday afternoon into evening is not recommended. 

Temperatures have remained above 15 degrees on Friday, so crews on the salt routes have been applying salt to assist with keeping these roads safe. Salt routes are the major thoroughfares, Madison Metro bus routes, and roads around schools and hospitals. Once temperatures fall below 15 degrees, however, crews will transition to only applying sand on the roads. 

Crews will stay on the salt routes for the length of this storm. Residential plowing operations will not commence until the storm is at or near its end, and if three or more inches of snow have accumulated on the roads. Those using residential streets not on the salt routes during the storm should be cautious and drive slow. The decision on whether or not a Snow Emergency will be declared will also be made later as the storm progresses. 

Starting Saturday afternoon, winds are expected to increase. Gusts could be as high as 30MPH with sustained winds nearing 20MPH. These high winds combined with the dry, powdery snowfall will cause drifting and blowing conditions. Snow will likely blow across the roads and cover traffic lanes and they will remain covered until trucks can make another loop through their salt route. Outlying areas of Madison will likely encounter limited visibility as the snow whips across open areas. Travel on the roads tomorrow evening is not recommended.

The Streets Division will review conditions throughout the storm, and operations will adjust as necessary. Future updates will also be provided. 

In such treacherous conditions, good choices are critical to staying safe. Drive slow. Brake early. Leave plenty of distance between yourself and cars in front of you. And, if you can, avoid traveling Saturday when conditions will likely be dangerous.

Be safe, maybe stay in and get a head start on wrapping those holiday gifts, read that book you've been meaning to finish, and enjoy a healthy taste of our lovely Wisconsin winters.

Be well and warm

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3

Tags: Weather

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