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this is NOT a winter wonderland

January 11, 2017 7:33 PM

Ok neighbors,

I don't know why science and meteorology are not making sense right now, but they aren't. It is an unholy slippery mess out there.

The city crews have been salting the entire afternoon and it's well above the degree threshhold for road salt to work, so my best idea is that the rain in the afternoon and the rain/sleet mix we've got going on currently, is actually washing the salt off the roads as its laid down.

I have the following from an actual road experts and I join them in urging your caution and care if you need to drive tonight, and in your commute tomorrow morning. Please stay safe. 

Snow Plowing Updates
by Chris Kelley, Streets Superintendent
posted January 11, 2017 6:32 PM

Be careful and slow down! Freezing rain and sleet are creating treacherous conditions on the roads, paths, and sidewalks, and there are many slick areas throughout the city of Madison. Good, safe commuting choices are required in such challenging weather. All roadway users will experience difficult traveling conditions throughout the evening, and everyone commuting on Thursday morning should give themselves extra time to get to their destinations.

The Streets Division has had 32 crews out working on the salt routes since the storm began in the late afternoon Wednesday. Crews will remain on these routes throughout the evening. Crews have been applying salt to these main thoroughfares of Madison to keep them open, but slippery patches persist, so all roadway users need to use caution. Residential areas in particular will be slippery.

During the overnight hours, crews will be brought in to apply sand to hills, curves, and intersections in residential areas to provide extra traction to roadway users for the Thursday morning commute. Slippery spots will persist in these areas, and on sidewalks and paths, so everyone is reminded to use extra caution.

Icy conditions like these are challenging for everyone, including the Streets Division crews, so we urge everyone to please be safe on the roadways if you are out. Use great care by driving slowly, allowing ample stopping distance, and exercising patience. 


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