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UW Credit Union, Water Bills, Traffic, and most importantly Voting

February 15, 2017 5:06 PM

Hi neighbors,

I'm excited to be writing to you with warmer and happier tidings than the last few times we've spoken. There's lots to share-


UW Credit Union

First and foremost, as many of you have heard, we have a nibble on the line for the former Sentry site. UW Credit union is considering  locating a branch there.

This would be a single story proposal, just like Kwik Trip was just over a year ago. As you'll recall, that building design goes against the zoning for the space and that zoning hurdle led to Kwik Trip's ultimate rejection by Madison's plan commission, the last step before city council approval. 

As you'll also recall, we had multiple neighborhood meetings about the KT proposal, and generated a lot of great discussion about the current state and future state of the Rolling Meadows and Heritage Heights neighborhoods. While I was neutral on the project, I recognized the tremendous excitement from many of our neighbors about the proposal. When it was nixed because of its single use, single story design, I felt bad to see so many neighbors disappointed.

While I know some neighbors are excited about the UW Credit Union proposal, I want to caution us against getting too excited, because this is another single story, single use proposal. I'd hate to see so many people disappointed once again. As we saw just last year, single story and single use in this location is highly unlikely to clear the Plan Commission.

I spoke with representatives of UW Credit Union recently and shared this history with them. At this point, they are stepping back and re-evaluating.


North of the Bayou

Speaking of commerce on Cottage Grove Road, Lagarto's (yes, the pink building), has become 'North of the Bayou.' I'm not allowed to link to private businesses on this blog or I would share their website and menu for your perusal. As it is, please consider patronizing this (very) local business.


Stoplights at Acewood Blvd and Cottage Grove Road

Gosh we can't seem to move off Cottage Grove can we? Via email and a phone call from neighbors, I understand that we need to re-examine the stoplights at Acewood Blvd and Cottage Grove Road. I have a request in to our city engineers to conduct a traffic study there so we can add turns signals or whatever solution will work best.


Reston Heights Happenings

And speaking of traffic, the Reston Heights Neighborhood Homeowners Association was kind enough to invite me to say a few words at their annual meeting last Saturday, and I wanted to share what we discussed and the concerns of us neighbors east of the interstate.

First and foremost there's a lot of concern about speed on Sprecher Road, and of drivers both north and southbound breezing through the 4-Way stop at Sprecher and Milwaukee. I'm sure we all know that's a 4-way stop, but there's concerns that visitors from out of town and/or folks passing through are just not clear on this point.

Two things we can do about this-1) If you're having folks over, please remind them that that is a 4-way stop. 2) I'm reaching out to traffic engineering about making the stop signs more visible. As it is they are on posts that could survive a hurricane and are cantilevered out over the intersection, but they're still getting missed. I think it's the angle of the street, the sign, and sometimes the sun. Since I live on this end of the district, I go through that intersection every day and sometimes, yes, the signs, for all their construction, aren't very obvious. It's kind of amazing what the human brain and eye can miss, but we can save the physiology discussion for another time.

Our neighbors in the Reston Heights area also shared questions about the rate at which their water bills are climbing. Setting aside the irony that we're a city on an isthmus in a state bordered on two sides by great lakes paying more for water, I'm looking into why this is happening and will be in touch once I know more. (I am aware that the presence of freshwater doesn't automatically mean cheap tap water, haha, but you have to admit it seems ironic).


Spring Elections

Be sure to exercise your voting rights and your democracy muscles next week by voting in our Spring Primary. Polls are open 7am-8pm as usual. Click here to enter in your address and see a sample of the ballot, and click here to go to the city clerk's website in general, where you can navigate around to polling locations, voter registration, etc. Please also note that just like in November, we have early voting at all our Madison libraries, including Pinney Branch which is the closest one for most of us.


Happy Voting!


I'm sure I'll remember something else I wanted to share the very moment I hit send so I better go ahead and send this so I can remember it and then attach it


Thanks for staying in touch as always,

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3

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