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Alder Lindsay Lemmer

Alder Lindsay Lemmer

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Sad News This Morning

June 10, 2017 11:09 AM

Dear Neighbors,

I am so sorry to bring you tragic news this morning. One of our neighbors was shot and killed very early this morning.

In the early hours of today, MPD east district officers received reports of gunshots and a person down just off Cottage Grove Road. When officers arrived, they found shell casings and blood, which confirmed that someone had been injured, but no injured persons at the scene. MPD then received word from a local hospital that an injured man had been delivered to to the emergency room. The man later died there from his injuries.

At this time we know that this shooting was not random. Chief Koval will be conducting a press conference later this afternoon and will hopefully be able to share more information with certainty at that time. I will be there and can report more back at that time.

I can share at this time that MPD is not getting a lot of cooperation from witnesses. It is my belief and theirs that this is due to fear of retribution for speaking up. Many of us, having witnessed something violent, would have an instinct to tell the police everything we knew, believing that suspects would be caught, charges would be brought, and justice would be done. I want to recognize and say out loud that some of our neighbors don't live with that level of faith in the system. They instead live with the knowledge that by trying to help see justice done, they could be putting themselves or their loved ones at risk. There are truly some parts of our community and neighborhood that the system in which many of us live doesn't even touch. That is sad that is tragic and that is holding up the investigation in the death of one of our neighbors. As part of the governmental system, I want us to earn the trust and faith of every Madisonian. Moreover, I want to our system of laws and governance to be worthy of that trust.

Please join me in keeping our deceased neighbor and his family in your thoughts. Please reflect on the very different worlds in which we live even when we're right in the same neighborhood. And as always please join me in continuing to be good and strong neighbors.

I will update you again soon,

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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