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Trying to stay patient and remain focused

June 27, 2017 9:17 PM

Neighbors, I am trying so hard to be patient. What's been going on in our city has me pretty steamed. While the further east side of Madison is by far the safest residential area in the city, the rest of the city is contending with way more gun violence than we've dealt with in recent memory. I'm pretty fearless but I get that the general sense of peace and security that most Madisonians have felt their entire lives here is falling away. As one of our city's many leaders, I'm feel strongly protective of that sense of peace, and I'm starting to feel pretty angry.

But, I know anger leads to judgment, and judgment leads to narrowing of vision (both physically and metaphorically), and you only make good policy with your eyes wide wide open.

So I am trying to be patient. I am trying to remember that solving crime issues takes police, and courts, and the justice system but it also truly takes community. I'm trying to remember the basic logic that people with the economic opportunity for family-supporting jobs and wages don't just decide that robbing someone else would be a lot more fun. That sometimes families breakdown in such a way that kids grow up almost irretrievably angry, and lash out at whatever is closest to them. I'm also trying to remember that it's not the government's or anyone's place to demean anyone with labels or pity in the process of understanding individual actions.

I'm trying to focus on how investment in communities takes patience and trust and is, ultimately, the only thing proven to work in reducing violent crime in community after community.

Basically, I'm trying to do a lot. And I just wanted to reach out and let you know that I'm thinking about you all and that whether you feel safe matters to me.


Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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