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Proposed Galileo Connection to Milwaukee Street

January 21, 2018 7:10 PM

Good evening neighbors,

Quick update for our neighbors in the Grandview area regarding a possible change up in plans for roadways there.

In the original neighborhood plans for Grandview, North Star Drive was intended to be the main north/south arterial through the neighborhood. In recent years, we've seen increased traffic volume and speed on Galileo Drive as well, despite the fact that it doesn't connect to Milwaukee St. Current plans do not call for Galileo to connect to Milwaukee.

As Veridian submitted plans to build out further lots in the neighborhood, city planning staff made the decision to call for Galileo to connect to Milwaukee Street.

There are some pros and cons to this. Having another connector through the neighborhood would split volume between two arterial streets so there would be less volume on each. On the other hand, then both streets would deal with speed and volume issues. So it's a question of whether neighbors on both streets are willing to share the impacts of living in a growing and bustling neighborhood, which include increased traffic.

Obviously the conversation about speed calming on either or both of these streets continues, and I should have some news for you about a recent traffic study on that this week. Know that regardless of whether Galileo connects to Milwaukee Street we have room to address speed issues in the neighborhood.

Tomorrow evening, Madison's plan commission will be deciding on this issue as part of the overall proposed package for building out the next section of lots in Grandview. The meeting begins at 530pm in room 201 of the City County Building. It is item 9 on the plan commission agenda tomorrow evening (the agenda can be found here). If you feel strongly about this proposal, I encourage you to come and either register in favor or against, or register to speak about how this would impact you.

I have another city meeting in the same building tomorrow evening and will come to the plan commission meeting after that. If you would like me to voice your thoughts, please reply here and let me know.

And as always, if you have concerns about traffic in your neighborhood in any part of your district, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Thank you and talk with you soon,

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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