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Updates on bank robbery and death in the district

March 2, 2018 6:53 PM

Hi Neighbors,

It's been just over 24 hours since the robbery and death here on the east side and I wanted to be in touch with updates.

The deceased is a 35 year old man. I had gotten word that he was 20, and I believe I referred to him as a "young man" on the news, but I was misinformed of his age initially. We do not know his identity at this time, the medical examiner's office will release that information in due course.

The private security guard who shot the suspect was in plain clothes while on duty yesterday. He fired one shot at the man. I've heard speculation as to whether the guard was justified in using deadly force. I can't speak for the district attorney, but I can share that a person is legally justified to use deadly force if s/he has the reasonable belief that deadly force is about to be used against him/her. This justification also extends to the defense of others. Assuming his belief was reasonable, the guard made a tough but probably legally justified call. I'm sure it's still very intense and likely traumatic for him to deal with the event and we should keep him in our thoughts.

It bears mentioning that it's hard to imagine what the bank employees are going through, they just went to work like a normal day and witnessed a robbery and a death.

And it's a shame that this event ended in loss of life. While he was in the middle of a bad act, the deceased was a human being. Presumably he had family and friends and his passing will leave a hole.

Our neighbors in Rolling Meadows have reached out to Chase Bank in recent weeks to encourage stricter security measures, such as more cameras, and even bulletproof glass at teller windows, in the hopes that it would be a deterrent to anyone considering robbing the branch. The neighborhood association executive board and I signed on to a letter strongly urging Chase to take security more seriously. Yesterday's events will likely be something of a deterrent. Certainly nobody wanted things to end up as they did and I think we're in agreement that it was a shame all the way around.

As your alder and as a policymaker it's my job to dig into why events like this occur and what leads people to destructive choices like the decision to rob a bank. I'll continue to try to keep a global perspective on addressing events like this in our community. The best solution is always to prevent things getting so out of hand that a person makes the decision to rob a bank or another dangerous act. I invite you, as we do in tough situations, to dig deep, and critically examine what we know and what our options are. We are tough east siders, this is what we do.

I have updates on F-35's and tree trimmings and I will share those really soon, but I wanted to pause and update you on the jarring events from yesterday. Please join me in keeping all those involved in your thoughts.


Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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