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Roads and Streets Updates

March 20, 2018 6:50 PM

Good evening neighbors,

We have a lot of great things to cover regarding roads and streets this evening, let's get to it

Milwaukee Street Bridge - The Wisconsin Dept of Transportation (WISDOT) has determined that the bridge across Milwaukee Street needs to be redecked. I think most of us would agree that it needs to be replace to accommodate 4 driving lanes and wide bike lanes each direction, but because this section of Milwaukee street extends over a highway, WISDOT has the authority in these matters. I and the city got word of the state's intentions just recently. The project plan is available here 

Please be sure to use the planned detours. Word to the wise, it is extremely easy to get going too fast on highway 30 westbound into the city, please watch your speed and be safe.

Note: The demolition of the existing bridge deck will be taking place in the evenings over the next several days. In order to get this project done as quickly and efficiently as possible, construction staff need to work at all different hours, which includes making noise during the evening hours. Please note that this will be limited in length of time, up to two weeks. Now that you're aware of what the noise will be, please resist the urge to make noise complaints to the Madison Public Department about this. While MPD cares about noise complaints and residents' right to quiet enjoyment of their property, we don't want to take up MPD's time and resources over noise that we just cannot do anything about.

Galileo Drive - As you've almost certainly heard, the next addition to the Grandview Neighborhood passed the plan commission and the council without making Galileo Drive a connector to Milwaukee. The developer, Veridian Homes, ultimately put the project before the commission without the connector and it passed. I appreciate that Veridian heard the neighbors thoroughly on this matter. I also appreciate the city planning department's position and intentions and the important work they do for us. Ultimately I believe we achieved a sound result based on the needs of the neighborhood. Thanks to all of you who wrote in or came out to the meeting and spoke up. Your voice made a difference.

Dominion Drive - Some of you who live on Dominion Drive recently received postcards from our traffic engineering department asking for your input on locating speed tables on your street. Of the responses, only around 40% of residents were in favor of the speed tables. As such, we will not have speed tables placed there are this time.

More Stop Signs in Grandview Neighborhood - Many of you have written with concerns about speed in the Grandview neighborhood and I heard more expressed at our neighborhood meeting about the Galileo Drive extension. City engineering has conducted analysis in adding stop signs in this neighborhood and has concluded that a stop sign at Alton Dr and Ragan St is the best checkpoint for slowing traffic down.

Speaking of streets, we may be out of the woods when it comes to snow and ice for the year (sign of the cross, knock on wood), but we may have a late season wet snowfall in our future. Please recall that all salt and sand, and everything you put on your sidewalks and driveway, runs into our lakes and streams. Please use just enough to get the job done, and do what you can to keep our lakes as healthy as we can.

That's a lot of pavement-based discussion for one evening, thanks for sticking with me. Please let me know if you want to explore more traffic calming, including stop signs or speed tables, in your area of District 3.

As always, keep in touch and lean forward

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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