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Trees and Parks and Other Updates

March 21, 2018 5:48 PM

Hi Neighbors,

While we had a number of streets-related news to sort through last night, I wanted to give you updates from several other topics as well.

Ash Tree Removal

Ash trees are slated for removal in the west half of our district. This will impact Wards 10, 11, and 12, the Heistand, Rolling Meadows, and Heritage Heights neighborhood. A total of 222 trees will be removed, and will be replaced either fall of this year or spring of 2019.

It is a shame to lose trees. They add value to our properties, and help shade homes and reduce air conditioning costs in the summer. We eagerly look forward to their replacement. In the meantime, finding a silver lining, this season may be the perfect opportunity to grow sun-loving plants in your front yards.



Gypsy Moth Treatment

We have another critter to think about as well. Have you or your children or grandchildren read the book The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar? It's probably about the gypsy moth caterpillar, an invasive which defolitates (eats all the leaves) of Oak Trees. As east siders we are really proud of our massive and ancient Burr Oak trees and we are not interested in letting a bug send our historic trees into a decline.

To keep these caterpillars from getting their grub on, literally, the city will be spraying for them in Rolling Meadows, Heritage Heights, and the Heistand Neighborhood (part of which is in District 3). I don't imagine spraying chemicals all over is encouraging news, but it's been shown to be effective and have small enough environmental impact as to be generally acceptable. For more info, please Visit this website for details on the program and maps of potential affected areas.


Dogs and Dog Parks

As we move toward spring, you and your canine friends may be set for outdoor adventures in our city's several dog parks. Please be mindful of letting your dog tear up wet grass as this damages the grass and has, in some cases, caused dog parks to temporarily close while the grass re-establishes itself. Please wait for dryer days, or stick to the less used areas of the park on wet days to prevent concentrated grass damage.

Speaking of dogs and the outdoors, as the snow melts we tend to see evidence of gifts leftover from the winter. Please be a good dog person, and a good neighbor, by pitching in to pick up after your own dog of course and maybe grabbing a few extra items if you're able.


Prescribed Burns

Speaking of our parks space, District 3 is slated for controlled prescribed burns in 3 of our parks between late March and early May. These burns are a natural part of the life cycle of prairies and forests and help prevent out of control fires from springing up. It also doesn't hurt the fight against mustard weed and other invasive plant species. Our spaces in

-Heritage Sanctuary

-Heritage Prairie

-Door Creek Storm Water Ponds

Will each be undergoing these prescribed burns.

If you live near this space you'll get a postcard from the city before the burn, and an automated phone call as well. If burning leaves, logs, etc, kicks up your allergies (it usually gets my asthma going), please be sure to plan around this.


MPD District Chat

Police Chief Koval will be coming out to the East Side for a district chat tomorrow, Thursday, evening from 7:00pm8:00pm at Door Creek Church. This continues the district chats the chief periodically conducts. I have 2 other city-related meetings tomorrow evening so I will not be able to join you for this event. I urge you to bring your questions, concerns, and ideas to this forum. While we live in statistically some of the safest neighborhoods in the city, we can always be stronger and more connected neighbors and continue building our strong community.

Thanks for your attention and consideration of these topics this evening

Talk with you all again shortly


Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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