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Development, Redevlopment, and District 3's farmers market

May 24, 2018 7:45 AM

Good morning neighbors,

I'm writing to share news of development and redevelopment, and reminding you to come out to our local farmers market beginning next week.

Our Rolling Meadows Neighborhood Association executive board has stepped up to improve McGinnis Park. This park has been in our neighborhood for decades and its open green space is an asset to our neighborhood. The RMNA board has exciting plans to update the park to make it more than just a visual element and make it more useable and user friendly. They have been working with our city parks department, the Community Groundworks non profit group, Rolling Meadows neighbors, and other stakeholders to envision a plan for the park to be a central element of the neighborhood.

As details are solidified I will share more, but I wanted to recognize the effort and dedication of RMNA leaders in stepping up and making change in their neighborhood.

Toward the other end of the district, we have interest in re-developing part of the site at the northeast corner of Cottage Grove Road and Sprecher Road. A development team is putting together a proposal for a 60-70 unit multi-family complex on that site, which would take up ½-? of the site. This development would be set back from Cottage Grove Road, so it would be the northern portion of this lot. You may recall that this is the site had a farmhouse, silos, and barn on it until a couple of years ago. Those buildings have been cleared and the site is prepped for redevelopment.

This corner is a valuable one in our growing district and we will work to be sure that all development there is best option for our neighborhood for now and for the future.

Look for notice of a neighborhood meeting in mid June about this proposal.

A quick note on density - As Madison grows and we press the boundaries of our city limits, we will need to build 'up not out.' This means that instead of building homes and businesses over the next horizon and the one after that, we will need to build taller, smarter buildings which can house a mix of residents, businesses, and community spaces. Neighborhoods with more people have greater market pull, and can leverage this for business and services that work for them, from stores, to restaurants, to public transportation services. Please join me at our upcoming neighborhood meeting (date and location to come), to discuss this proposal and how it may add to our growing neighborhood.

Speaking of neighborhood growth and neighborliness, the Capitol View Farmers Market begins next Wednesday, May 30th and continues every Wednesday throughout the summer in the late afternoon/evening hours. Look for the market in Grandview Commons on Sharpsburg Drive near where is intersects Jupiter Drive. Come pick up fresh food, and/or grab a meal from the food carts. Looking forward to another great summer at the market!

Thanks for your attention and thoughtfulness as always, talk with you soon

Amanda Hall

Alder, District 3


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